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Are Blockchains Actually Immutable?

Bring up the topic of blockchains and it won’t be long before the word “immutable” is dropped into the conversation. After all, a blockchain’s inability to be tampered with or modified is one of its biggest selling points. But, is it actually as immutable as they say it is? Once a transaction is recorded on a blockchain, does that mean it’s carved in stone? “Yes”, “no”, and “sort of” seem to …
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What Is A 51% Attack Against The Bitcoin Network?

The Bitcoin network is one of the most secure types of financial technologies the world has ever seen. Without a central point of failure, or a way to hack the system in general, Bitcoin remains safe from harm. But there is always the looming threat of a 51% attack against the network, which could have dire consequences. But what does such can attack entail, and is it something we should …
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Ethereum Classic Update: Possible 51% Attack Looming And Gavin Wood Develops Parity Client

The success of Ethereum Classic hadn’t gone by unnoticed, and one user on Twitter is already threatening to 51% attack the network hashrate. Although it is impossible to tell whether or not this person is serious, there is a good reason why people can’t have nice things in this world. But there is good news too, as a party client for ETC will be developed by the look of things. …
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