Swiss Alps Energy AG provides Hydropower for Mining

Swiss Alps Energy AG (SAE) is creating a decentralized blockchain system with environment-friendly and efficient modular equipment in the Swiss Alps. It will be based on renewable hydropower energy and located in unused buildings. The aim of SAE is to make mining more sustainable and create a highly technological environment in areas of Switzerland.

Swiss Alps Mining (SAM) background

Mining consumes a huge amount of energy worldwide as alternative sources are still undervalued. The SAE team decided to turn this around. There are over 1,400 hydropower plants and 400,000 unused buildings in the Swiss Alps that can be effectively used as locations for the mining network.

With the support of the local authorities and government representatives, the vacant structures can be converted to form the appropriate infrastructure for mining facilities. The main goal of the project is to distribute cheap energy and hardware to miners and develop a friendly blockchain-based ecosystem for energy consumption.

Overall, the SAE concept stands for popularization of decentralized mining, alleviating the environmental burden, providing cheap and clean energy, supporting the economy and digital transformation of the Swiss Alps. Energy and mining equipment will be available for everybody as well as a blockchain system with full support of smart contracts and distributed apps.

Swiss Alps Mining features

The original infrastructure will be based on five principles:

  1. Plant. Hydropower facilities produce cheap energy (about 3 cents for 1 kWh) for mining equipment.  
  2. Cube. Modular equipment with a built-in energy recovery system generates electricity using the waste heat from mining. Cubes come in aluminum cases with efficient ventilation units, and can be kitted out with GPU or ASIC miners. The Cubes operate remotely and autonomously.
  3. Center. Core offices operate in each area where the cubes are installed. Centers provide workplaces for administrators and operators, who will be dealing with the issues related to environmental protection, local government control or tax services.
  4. Smart Mining. The AI-based decision support system provides miners with the best possible options on profitable coins, mining optimization and adjustment.
  5. Blockchain. The system offers a Platform-as-a-Service (PaaS) interaction with unique DLT networks for participants to create different frameworks. The blockchain complies with KYC and AML principles.

In addition, the team plans to release a native token (SAM). It will be based on the ERC20 standard and circulate within the Ethereum smart contracts platform. SAM tokens will be used for renting power and buying SAM Cubes, ordering energy from SAM Plants, using the SAM Blockchain, creating and maintaining services of the system. SAM tokens will be available for trading on exchanges as well. There will be a total of 311,011,901 tokens.

About Swiss Alps Energy AG

Established in 2018, Swiss Alps Energy AG (SAE) is a Switzerland-based startup dealing with cryptocurrencies, blockchain, and energy. SAE provides modular mining facilities based on renewable energy for long-term use. The team unites both crypto professionals and expert engineers. Dr. Daniel Rytz – interim CEO of Polymetrix – and Marco Calicchia – CEO of MaZee – are advisors to the team.


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