Substratum Launches Substrate Cryptocurrency to Power the New Decentralized Web

Aug 18, 2017 — Substratum is proud to announce development of the decentralized web fueled by a new cryptocurrency currently in ICO, Substrate.

The Substratum Network is built around the concepts of simplicity and freedom, offering open-source tools anyone can use to participate in the decentralized web. Users run one-click software to set up nodes that serve content. Anyone running a node is paid in Substrate microtransactions each time a request is fulfilled, letting them earn passive income while contributing to an open web experience.

Powering this decentralized web is Substrate (SUB), a new cryptocurrency designed to be user friendly from the ground up. Substrate is divided into Atoms extending only to the second decimal place, creating a fiat-like notation familiar to the general public. This aids in adoption and makes Substrate a friendlier alternative to other cryptocurrencies.

The Substratum Network leverages blockchain technology, advanced cryptography, artificial intelligence, and custom compression algorithms to ensure fast, safe, and efficient operation of the network. Best of all, end-users can view content hosted on Substratum directly in their default browser with no special software needed.

Substrate entered ICO in mid-August. The pre-ICO phase ran for one week prior and closed over $1 million in contributions, far exceeding the minimum funding goal. Substrate is expected to hit exchanges September 2017.

The Substratum Network comes at a time when people are increasingly concerned with online privacy, censorship, and net neutrality. Substratum’s decentralized nature allows it to break free from those constrictions and empower users to take back the web. With its user-focused design, Substratum makes it easy for anyone to earn cryptocurrency and change the world.

For more information about the Substratum Network or to participate in the Substratum ICO, visit

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