Stipend : The Freelancer’s Currency

Stipend : The Freelancer’s Currency

Stipend’s goal is to introduce the concept of the blockchain to the already booming freelance market. Upwork recently published a study (2016 US Freelance Market Study) stating that this aforementioned market is worth well over $1 billion in just the US alone. We, at Stipend, want to bring our numerous technological innovations to that space by providing the convenience of instant transactions, low fees, and much-needed decentralization.

What is Stipend (what are we doing differently)

Cognizant of the increasing demands for able freelancers, Stipend aims to be the ultimate solution for the decentralized sector. We want to create an expansive environment that will be beneficial to both the freelancers and clients through low fees, instant payments, and a unique rewarding scheme that explicitly rewards the highest performing users. Not only this, in regards to the technological aspect of the coin, Stipend seamlessly integrates Masternodes into a twin Proof-Of-Work and Proof-Of-Stake implementation, incentivizing long-term support and improving security as a whole.

We pride ourselves in both our transparency and openness- our mantra and business model is simply: “Your Success is our Success”. The Stipend team currently consists of both the original founders as well as other talented individuals who were interested in our mission. Together, we consistently deliver Weekly Updates containing tangible results while being receptive to feedback and suggestions from the community.

We are always excited to engage with the Stipend community on any of our social platforms and answer any questions posed. We believe that a strong community is crucial to the success of what we’re trying to build. We have a vision of transforming and revolutionizing the way freelancers, startups and digital nomads engage with each other and that Stipend will pave the way for this decentralized revolution.

What have we done so far

Only two months have passed since our launch on February 10th, but we’ve made quite a bit of progress on accomplishing our goals. Not only is the alpha nearing completion, but we have also been working constantly on improving the blockchain. In this time, we’ve gotten Stipend on a reputable exchange and various listing services, started to optimize the wallet, began to register Stipend as a formal LLC in Malta, and maintained open channels of communication with the community throughout, shown through our weekly updates and 24/7 support in our Discord channel.

What’s yet to come.

When starting to design the coin, we made the decision to end Proof-Of-Work by block 210,000. This will come into effect in about a month and a half. Proof-Of-Stake and all Masternodes, on the other hand, will continue to be functional. Besides this, our Pre-Alpha tests of the Stipend platform will be starting in the weeks to come, followed by the launch of the Stipend Alpha in Q2 of 2018.

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