South Africans have been Left Out of the Global Crypto Currency Markets — but not Anymore.

For most of Africa, gaining access to the international token marketplace has always been a challenge — higher fees and frustrating delays when trying to buy the next hot token create a less than favourable trading conditions. Concerns around extracting your Tokens back to good old Rands haven’t helped to appease new investors either. This however, is all about to change.

Stellenbosch Company, Waves African Exchange (WAXEX) now provides a simple, direct Rands to Waves Crypto Currency solution. Direct deposits and EFT’s from local banks will give millions of South Africans direct access to the Waves Platform Decentralized Exchange (also known as Dex) through where they can buy, sell and trade Waves as a Crypto Currency.

A fundamentally important aspect of the Waves Decentralized wallet is the ultra-secure function that allows you to transact while keeping your own private keys.

Waves African Exchange only facilitates the purchase and transfers between conventional currencies and the Waves decentralized exchange.

Your funds remain in your private accounts.

The WAXEX gateway will allow users access to the exchange to sell or trade your tokens and cash out in the equivalent Rand value.

Great excitement surrounds the 01 February 2018 launch when WAXEX tokens can be purchased directly on the Waves Decentralized Exchange (DEX)during the pre-launch sale. The primary sale starts on 1 March 2018 and terminates on 31 March 2018

Discrete private sales can be facilitated during the pre-sale period in the form of direct bank deposits or purchases with other cryptocurrencies. To inquire about private sales, please contact [email protected]

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