Slotegrator Warning – How They Tried to Hack Me

This article is a warning to users about a platform called Slotegrator, which claims to offer specialized software for Bitcoin casinos. What that exactly entails is uncertain, and after a recent attack from one of their employees it is clear that the company should no be trusted.

I was first contacted by one of Slotegrator’s representatives via Skype, the handle being denisdzyu1. The user’s name was displayed as Denis Dzyubenko suggesting a Russian origin. When the user first contacted me, he asked me for a potential media cooperation. I am glad I ignored his request because what followed next was unbelievable.

Denis sent me a message saying:

“Hello, we would inform you that we founded some abnormalities. Please check attachment and send me your feedback. Best Regards”

The criminal also attached a .pif file titled Error-Slotegrator.pif. I knew something was suspicious because first, I have’t talked to the person in weeks, and second it was a shady program information file. I proceeded to scan the file using virustotal and was extremely surprised at what I found.

Check out this link to the scan report which shows just how much malicious code was found in the file. I was extremely unnerved by this attempt and after realizing the company behind it was decently established I had to let our readers know.

In this day and age where Bitcoin is spiking to extreme highs, many rogue players will attempt and steal your investment. In this ecosystem you simply can’t trust anybody, this is yet another reminder to never download or execute malicious files and if you even have the slightest doubt about a potential threat, scan the file. It only takes 2 seconds and can save you many headaches.

slotegrator ic3

Resolving Denis’ Skype yielded a German based IP address ( Luckily, he has also sent me an email from the company’s official site ([email protected]). The email contains valuable headers which can be used to further identify the origin of the communication. I’ve submitted a report with with the above information in the hopes that an investigation will be initiated and the perpetrators caught.

The company also claims to be a registered Ltd, however no information could be found about it, meaning that the company is not in fact registered. If you have ever done business with Slotegrator I suggest you run a virus scan on your PC to make sure you aren’t already infected.

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