SingularityNET Announces Details of Token Sale

SingularityNET, a project to create a global, decentralized Artificial Intelligence, today announces the details of its token sale.

At the recent Web Summit in Lisbon, Sophia Hanson, the Chief Humanoid of the project, became the first robot to ask humans for funding to expand her intelligence. The details of that raise have now been finalized.

The token sale will begin on Dec 8, at approximately noon New York time, and will have no minimum contribution amount. To participate, users must register on the whitelist at

500 million AGI tokens will be sold between the crowdsale and private agreements. (The exact amount of tokens available in the crowdsale depends on private sales, which have not yet been finalized.) The sale will end when 500 million tokens have been sold, when $36 million has been raised, or after 24 days.

SingularityNET aims to create an open ecosystem for AI to compete with the current, fragmented development model. Currently, AI development is done in-house by corporations with the budgets to acquire large datasets and hire teams of experts. These are used for specialized functions that serve the corporate business model, with no interoperability with other AI, and no availability to the broader marketplace beyond the corporate walls. Academics and indie developers build many AI tools, but have no way to monetize their creations.

SingularityNET will be an open marketplace of AI services where users can easily access sophisticated AI services, and developers can easily monetize their AI tools. Moreover, it will be the first platform where AIs can interoperate, and subcontract specialized tasks to each other using frictionless blockchain payments. SingularityNET enables AIs to work synergistically, combining their narrow specialities into a ‘global brain’ with broad capabilities. SingularityNET aims to promote the emergence of Artificial General Intelligence, AGI.

The AGI tokens will be used to buy and sell AI services on the network, and also as a mechanism for democratic governance of the network. Full details are available in the whitepaper.

SingularityNET is led by CEO Dr.​ ​Ben​ ​Goertzel,​ ​a​ ​mathematician,​ ​polymath, and founder ​of​ ​the​ ​OpenCog​ ​AGI​ ​project, leading robotics expert David Hanson, founder of Hanson Robotics, Simone Giacomelli of Vulpem, blockchain lead of the project, and other leading figures in blockchain, AI, and economics.


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