SHPING, The Future of Shopper Marketing is Here

The Shping Token Crowdsale is now live and will continue until the end of day, March 23rd 2018 or until sold out.

Shping is an innovative, shopper-marketing ecosystem that enables participating brands and organisations the opportunity to reward shoppers who use the Shping app with a new cryptocurrency called Shping Coin.

The Shping Token Presale was a hit, reaching a hardcap of US$3m three days before its scheduled end date. Since then, Shping has engaged a growing community and has drawn the attention of media from around the world.

Shping Coin is an ERC-20 compliant cryptocurrency that enables brands, retailers and associated organisations to utilise the innovative shopper marketing and brand protection platform to influence and reward consumers to make smarter, safer and more rewarding shopping choices.

Buyers in the Crowdsale will be eligible for bonus Shping Coins and/or Shping Platinum Status for life, an exclusive privilege to be offered only during the Token Crowdsale. 

Platinum Status is an exclusive privilege offer where users of the Shping App will receive a multiplier effect to earn Shping Coins as rewards when performing standard interactions.

Token Buyers will receive Shping Coins in their account as soon as the transaction has been finalised but will not be able to move the tokens until the Crowds Sale has concluded. If a Token Buyer is also a participating brand, they may start using their SHPING on the platform to fuel their campaigns.

Through Shping, shoppers would initiate brand engagement by scanning product barcodes to receive relevant and timely information (e.g ingredients, recall status and authenticity) about a product before they purchase. They are then rewarded for their attention with a cryptocurrency called Shping Coin.

“This makes engaging with promotional material mutually beneficial and less wasteful for both brands and consumers alike,” said Shping’s Chief Executive Officer and founder, Gennady Volchek.

“Brands and retailers will also be rewarded with SHPING when they integrate the cryptocurrency as part of an in-built loyalty program.”

“Tokenised marketing models like ours is fair for all and we believe that is the future.”

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About Shping

Shping started its life as Authenticateit in 2012. Concerned about the growing threat of counterfeit and unsafe products entering legitimate retail situations, Shping’s founders developed a robust ecosystem to help organisations verify the authenticity of products through the supply chain up to the point of purchase.

Today, Shping has evolved into a powerful, all-round brand protection, marketing and consumer engagement platform. Fuelled by product information supplied by brands, retailers, government institutions, certification agencies, customs, product recall portals and GS1, Shping’s Global Product Database is set to become the largest of its kind in the world.

Shping has recently added a revolutionary cryptocurrency-based reward system to allow product brands, retailers and related organisations to reward consumers who use the innovative Shping App to help them make smarter and safer shopping decisions.


More info on the Shping Token Sale:

Bonus Shping Coins are calculated as a percentage of the tokens purchased for the designated period of the Token Crowdsale, and are awarded free of charge. For example, a Token Buyer wishing to purchase 100,000 Shping Coins on Day 1 of the Token Crowdsale will receive a bonus of 20,000 Shping Coins for a total of 120,000 SHPING.

At the conclusion of the Token Sale, those wanting to use the platform who don’t yet have Shping Coins will need to acquire them through the open market.

Contributions to the Token Sale will be used to drive the adoption of the app, the development of the product roadmap and to enable Shping to expand into other countries.

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Shping Media Enquiries:

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+61 419 554 922

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