Sensay Redefines Human Capital in New Token Sale

Human capital is the hardest thing to define. For the talented, it’s not easy to know what one’s talents are worth, or who might need them. For those in need of human capital/talent, it’s not easy to find talent or know how much it should cost.

Sensay is a company which built a bot to put you in touch with people who might be able to solve your business problems. Sensay allows you to ask for three types of help: advice, inspiration, or conversation. Here is an example of how it works:

The Sensay Bot system has been running for two years, and now that the firm has seen the value of tokenized systems and ICO fundraising, they are implementing such a platform in order to incentivize participants. They’re calling it the SENSE token, and it’s going to make waves in a number of ways.

For starters, application developers will now have an affordable means to acquire a wealth of human data through, an API the project is offering developers. Conversations can be analyzed, bots can be improved, and human capital resources can be leveraged in real time. People who are taking part in the conversations will passively or actively earn income since the developers and firms who need the data will be paying for it. Imagine being able to operate your Linux Help Desk just by opening up your favorite chat client and making yourself available, and getting paid on top of it. and the rest of the self-help sites will quickly lose their best contributors when monetary incentives are capable of replacing social ones.

This is the kind of technology the blockchain is built for – it finds something that could not be done another way, and enables people to do things they could not previously do out for less-than-good reasons. Students struggling to pay bills will have a new way to apply the knowledge they already have. Stay-at-home parents and unemployed IT workers will be empowered to continue earning something – whether intended as such or not, Sense and things like Sense will unwittingly do a great deal to help people whose jobs are being rapidly replaced by automation.

SENSE tokens will have value because of small businesses looking for employees, big data farms looking to improve their algorithms, and a wealth of underemployed people who already contribute to various knowledge farms, including Sensay, which has over 3 million users and has had more than 20 million interactions.

The SENSE token sale will launch Monday, October 16th, at 275 million tokens will be made available for a total raise of $25 million, making the cost of each token roughly 9 cents. SENSE’s presale is available for developers first at [email protected].  SENSE is likely to sell out fast, so it is suggested that one join their mailing list if they are interested in buying tokens during the sale instead of paying premium at market.

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