SALT – A Way to Avoid Taxes

SALT – An opportunity for investors, BTC holders, ETH, arbitrage with a big reward and a way to cut taxes.

Maybe you’re still thinking about investing in cryptocurrencies and are asking yourself what could be a good investment similar to BTC, as their price multiplied by 18 times last year. Nobody knows which cryptocurrencies will have similar profits this year but there is good news. In the crypto world, good opportunities to make a big profit sometimes exist and you can know about it beforehand.

One of these is an arbitrage with SALT lending. You can make a big profit in an easy way with great potential. The perfect explanation with a step by step guide is in this article.

This is not the only good thing about this revolutionary SALT lending. SALT allows you leverage your blockchain assets to secure cash loans. It is an easy way to get money without having to sell your favourite investment as you can use the money from your secured BTC / ETH as a collateral. You can spend all of this money however you want and simultaneously you are still the holder of your BTC / ETH.

Media giant Bloomberg published a voluminous article on their website about SALT lending and how it’s an entrepreneurial project with fantastic service.

Another good feature of SALT lending is that it cuts taxes. How? Usually, if you have 1 BTC and you want to sell it, you have to pay some tax from your profit. In each country there exists diverse rules for paying taxes. Generally, the tax rate is floating in the range of 16% – 22% of your net profit. For example, in the United States the tax rate is 21% and in Great Britain it is 19%. If you want to sell 1 BTC for the price of 10000 USD, in the USA you will have to pay 2100 USD as a tax and in the UK 1900 USD. With your leftover amount of around 8000 USD you can do whatever you choose. The big disadvantages of this are that you will lose your BTC and have to pay taxes.

With a loan from SALT lending, you can avoid paying these taxes and do not have to sell your BTC.

If you take a loan via SALT lending and secure this loan with your BTC as a collateral, you will receive money in exchange for your BTC, then with the money you can buy a car, house or something else. After paying off the loan you will get all of your secured BTC back. The result is that you have money as well as BTC and you do not have to pay any taxes because you received the money as a loan. Also, according to the purpose of the loan, you can deduct your paid interest as expenses. If you have not invested in SALT, then you should do so now.

Whether you want to get in on the arbitrage, hold some for a future loan payment or just make some money via trade by exchanges; the potential of SALT lending is huge.

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