Safest Ways to Deposit Money in Online Casinos

As the number of online casinos continues to grow each day, you should expect that there would be a variety of payment options. As such, private entrepreneurs and companies have realized the need to create deposit methods that have proved safe for wagers.

After a candid investigation into the several online casinos offering punters a 24-hour service, we realized that there are many depositing options. From cash app gambling to bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies, wagers can now enjoy the freedom of enjoying their online gambling. 

While some of the payment options are new in the market, a majority have been around for some time thus you can trust them.

To add to their safety, some of the payment options we will list below are convenient, fast, and do not charge a penny when depositing. In addition, these deposit methods are safe and secure to use.

However, each of the payment options comes with its fair share of instructions, thus you might want to consider each of them clearly before making a deposit. To help you make an informed choice, look at these safest ways to deposit money in online casinos:


Most online casinos in the world accept debit cards and Visa credit cards. The first thing that makes punters love using this deposit method is the safety that accompanies its use. Then there is the visual appeal. 

Besides, visa cards are quick, secure, and simple to use. One does not need many details when transferring money from their account to a proffered online casino. Because a visa card is classified under the e-payment method, do not be surprised to know that many people prefer using it.

It is also important to mention that visa deposits are immediate and affordable.

The other reason why a visa is a good deposit method is it is eligible for several online promotions. If you use it to deposit some high-end online casinos, you are likely to get huge bonuses.  


MasterCard is perhaps the widely used mode of payment in online casinos today. Several reasons make this mode of payment popular. Security, safety, convenience, and speed are some of the main reasons MasterCard is the number one online gambling deposit option.

Like a visa card, MasterCard attracts huge bonuses and lucrative promotions. What is more, the issuer of the cards provides users with several mobile apps, which make depositing even easier and more convenient.

Perhaps the best thing about MasterCard is that it allows punters to deposit their money into their gambling account instantly and without additional fees. It’d be fair to mention that although a safe and convenient depositing means, MasterCard may not be good at making withdrawals because most online sites do not support it when it comes to making a withdrawal.

American Express

Another popular online casino payment option is American Express, commonly known as Amex. The card is especially ideal if you intend to make huge deposits. The other thing punters love about Amex is how the issuer has made it even more convenient.

With Amex, you do not have to be located at a specific point to make the deposit. Instead, you can make your payment to an online casino from wherever you are thanks to the iOS and Android apps

Like many payment options on this list, Amex has a loyalty scheme, which enables users to enjoy online rewards. Lastly, it is free to make a deposit using Amex and the transaction takes a few minutes.


PayPal is extremely safe and secure to use. Many high-end online gambling establishments accept this e-wallet because of its safety features. One of the biggest reasons USA punters love this payment method is it doesn’t reveal additional banking details to the online site.

It is important to note that in a world filled with cybercrime, wagers are extremely sensitive about their safety and security. As such, PayPal comes in handy in providing the much-needed privacy and anonymity.

Thanks to the card’s popularity, you can use PayPal to make payments on any online gambling or poker site. Linking PayPal to a local bank is also very easy and fast. Apart from making deposits, you can also use PayPal to make withdrawals safely.

What is more, PayPal has embraced modern mobile banking, thus allowing users to make deposits and withdrawals on the go.


Crypto adoption is increasing tremendously. From banks to casinos, you can use your BTC and ETH at nearly every industry. Casinos began accepting crypto way back in 2011.

In fact, the gambling industry has been adopting crypto ideas for years. For example, you can play slots and roulette built on the blockchain. The games are provably fair and fun to play.

That being said, crypto provides secure casino deposits. All you need is to select a trustworthy casino. Also, ensure you have a safe wallet for your coins


Neteller joins the big boys as one of the biggest and widely used e-wallets for effecting deposits at online casinos. When you look at Neteller features, you will realize that most of the features resemble those of PayPal. 

Unlike PayPal, which is used to make payments for almost anything in the world, Neteller is somehow centered on making payments for those who gamble online. The good thing about Neteller is this deposit/payment option readily accepts other currencies including the USD.

With a plethora of benefits, there is no doubt that many punters love Neteller. Lastly, Neteller’s protection against shady or rogue online casinos is unmatched. That explains why many wagers prefer Neteller to some of the deposit methods that have been around for years.

Wire Bank Transfer

Wire Bank Transfer (WBT) has become increasingly popular in recent years especially in making deposits from one’s bank account to poker sites. It is easy to manage one’s funds using WBT.

The other reason WBT is a better option for making deposits online is it allows wagers to transfer, pay, or even make huge cashouts. It is safe and easy to use. The only major downside of using Wire Bank Transfer is it attracts a fee whether making a deposit or a cashout.