Rocket ICO – Decentralized Startup Accelerator (DAO)

The cryptocurrency market is relatively new, so not all mechanisms for its regulation have been worked out. Rocket ICO is a decentralized accelerator that connects experts, investors and start-ups in an effort to coordinate the blockchain community more efficiently and build trust within it. It will create an ecosystem that is beneficial for all its members.

Rocket ICO is the world’s first decentralized accelerator for startups that aim to raise investment in cryptocurrency.

If you’re already involved in the crypto space, you probably know how much expertise a team needs to build a successful start-up and launch an ICO. There are numerous firms out there offering consultancy in marketing, legal issues, writing whitepapers and technical development. However, young startups often cannot afford their rates and many great ICO ideas never see the light of day. Rocket ICO will allow young companies to bypass the consultants entirely.

Rocket ICO is an ecosystem where teams with ideas, experts and investors can interact effectively and securely to create projects, launch ICOs, and encourage funding in cryptocurrency.

The Rocket ICO platform is built on the Solidity DAO framework and will represent a decentralized web application (Dapp).

Rocket ICO is an accelerator that solves many problems faced by entrepreneurs and investors. It will open new opportunities for mutually beneficial cooperation between all members of the community. This decentralized platform is built on Ethereum, and its use of smart contracts guarantees adequate compensation for all participants in this system.

The main users of the system are:

  • Teams – entrepreneurs and their teams that have project ideas and the desire to implement them, but lack the requisite money and experience to conduct a successful ICO
  • Experts – specialists with successful ICO experience and relevant qualifications, confirmed by the Rocket ICO community
  • Investors – Rocket ICO members who own cryptcurrency, as well as members who have investment experience and wish to make money from projects conducted on the Rocket ICO platform.

The overarching purpose is to create an expert network that will help the accelerator release commercially successful projects. Often, investments in ICOs are a black box for investors. This platform aims to take investment to a qualitatively new level, whereby an investor can interact with the startup team at every stage of the project, including preparation and early stage investing. This interaction mechanism will make the investment process more reasonable and solve the problem of trust.

For Investors

If any investor wants to get access to Rocket ICO projects at an early stage, then he or she should register on the site and set up an online wallet. After that, they can invest in various projects and use all the features of the system. The platform does not allow all aspiring investors access to projects at an early stage. Full functionality opens with the growth of the investor’s reputation, which depends on the amount of investment in existing projects and authority within the community.

All active participants of the platform, including investors, will be able to communicate, share opinions, and coordinate actions within the platform. A special chat bot and a mobile application will be developed for investors. It will allow the investor to receive information on the state of his or her investments over time.

For Experts

In order to become an expert and enjoy the full functionality of the platform, it is necessary to pass a rigorous verification process. The rating system is designed to assess a specialist within the community, depending on his or her activity on the platform and the number of successful projects in which he or she took part as an expert. The higher an expert’s rating, the more they can earn using the platform.


The process of preparing for ICOs is multi-stage. Therefore, a convenient functionality will be implemented to help experts effectively interact at each stage of preparation.

Among such stages are:

  • Whitepaper
  • Website
  • Marketing materials
  • MVP


Experts can earn money and benefit from joining the platform in two ways:

  1. Receive RocketCoin tokens as a reward according to their contribution to a project assessed by the project team and other experts;
  2. Claim a share in a project, become an adviser or a member of a project team.

All agreements are managed by Ethereum smart contracts.

The RocketCoin Token

RocketCoin (ROCK) is an ERC20 based token. The total amount of RocketCoin will be 25 million.

Investors and experts who support ICO projects that have passed the accelerator program of the Rocket ICO will get RocketCoin tokens. Active users of the platform and RocketCoin holders will get a total of 4% of all tokens for every project successfully funded on the platform.

The Rocket ICO is currently in the presale stage, during which time a limited portion of tokens can be purchased with a 50% bonus. The main ICO is scheduled for October 10.

Disclaimer: This is a sponsored press release and does not necessarily reflect the opinions of any Merkle employees. This is not investment or trading advice; always do your own independent research.