Realista, the First Global Real Estate Platform

Next month, the public will be able to take part in Realista’s first Token Generation Event.

This exciting opportunity will see RealistaToken (RET) implemented on the Ethereum Blockchain as a ERC-20 token set to raise USD $15 million.

Company Background:

Realista is the first global real estate platform. We are Melbourne based startup that launched in Australia and New Zealand mid-2017. Early this year we will be launching across the United States and in 2019, will explore potential markets in Asia, Europe and Latin America.

Realista is unhindered by costly advertising fees found on traditional real estate platforms, thus users have access to more property listings than ever before. The entire selling, buying and renting process is simplified from start to finish.

Agents can upload property on the go anywhere, anytime. They have complete control of their listings and can connect directly with potential buyers and renters via the platform. Over 16,000 agents have already jumped on board across Australia and New Zealand. Much like social media, buyers and renters can follow agents within their local or desired areas, set their property preferences and be notified as soon as relevant listings hit the market.

Available on iOS, Android and the Web, Realista is truly at your fingertips. The platform enables more people to participate in a $217 trillion real estate economy.

Token Generation Event:

A Presale and Crowdsale will take place in February for Realista’s Token Generation Event.

USD $1.5 million is set to be raised during the Presale which will run for a maximum of three days. Presale participants will receive a 30 percent early commitment Bonus. The Crowdsale will run for a maximum of 14 days and USD $13.5 million is set be raised. Participants will receive a 20 percent and 10 percent Bonus on the first and second days of the sale, respectively.

During the Token Generation Event, 1 billion RET will be issued and divided into two portions.

First Portion:

500 million – 605 million RET will be distributed to contributors, depending on the degree of ETH raised during the Bonus period.

Second Portion:

The remaining RET will be used to support Realista’s development. This RET has lockout period of 12 months and will be unlocked in March 2019. The sale of the second portion of RET will not exceed 100 million RET tokens per year.


Those taking part in the RET sale will require a Wallet that supports ERC-20 tokens, such as Mist. Contributors will be screened via a Know Your Customer (KYC) process, which ensures they can legally participate in the token sale. Please note that citizens of the US, Mainland China and Singapore are not permitted to participate in the token sale.


The deployment of RET will solve the ‘slow start’ problem. It will fast-track both client (buyers, tenants and sellers) and agent utilization of the platform, and this will drive Realista and its ecosystem. One percent of RET will be reserved as an incentive for agents to spread the word about Realista. Agents who encourage other agents to join the platform will be rewarded with RET, which can be used to pay for their monthly subscription (AUD $10 a month once they reach 100 followers).

Realista ensures efficiency and affordability every step of the way, and is revolutionizing the way we buy, rent and sell property. Our innovative platform is disrupting the real estate industry and the virtual monopolies that exist in local markets. Participating in the RealistaToken sale is a vote of confidence in Realista’s success.

The Realista team are incredibly excited for the upcoming Token Generation Event. We look forward to watching our community grow and invite you to take part in building the first global real estate platform.

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