Real World Business’s Widespread Adoption of Blockchain is Possible with Opporty’s ICO

Like many other brands poised to disrupt outdated business practices and even entire industries, Opporty’s ICO promises to tear down obstacles for small business to conduct their operations. Opporty offers a new marketplace with the most favorable conditions for businesses and contractors. It is a brand-new idea with an already established platform based on blockchain. Opporty’s new solution will change the business landscape and level the playing field for small businesses, protecting them from cutthroat competition and court trials brought by contractors.


Opporty ICO is a way to generate funds which will in turn be invested in the well-being of businesses across the globe. Opporty’s aim is to support small and middle-sized businesses victimized by ruthless competition and low-quality service providers. Opporty plans to create an environment where these issues will be mitigated, giving small businesses a chance to thrive. Opporty’s goal is to sell 1 billion tokens in two phases. The initial value of one OPP token will be 0,0002 ETH. This value will increase as the platform develops. Opporty will begin its token sale on October 18, 2017. During the first phase, Opporty expects to sell 400 000 000 tokens. In Phase II, Opporty will sell all remaining tokens and none will be burned.

Purpose of Opporty’s ICO

This ICO is designed to attract interested people who believe that small businesses need the support of a community in which they can thrive. In its white paper, Opporty proposes a reliable and decentralized marketplace for businesses and contractors. It offers a useful solution in a business environment where two parties may not trust each other. Supporting small businesses and startups is an investment in the future of business, helping small businesses grow and develop into larger companies. It is common knowledge that the majority of new companies do not survive the startup stage due to lack of experience, low quality products and lack of funds. Opporty makes it easier to conduct business activities in the startup stage, when new businesses have not yet established their brand’s reputation.

Sharing expertise

Opporty plans to create a decentralized knowledge sharing platform where established businesses can share their experience or answer questions of other users. Such activities will be rewarded with tokens to encourage users to engage in the knowledge-sharing experience. They can use earned OPP tokens to buy company services. On the Opporty platform, businesses can easily drive more customers to their brands by providing links within their shared content.

Sergey Gribnyak, the founder of Opporty, has designed the company meet customer requirements. Opporty is on-demand platform able to establish quick connections between businesses and contractors. Final implementation of the above-mentioned services will be supported through the upcoming ICO on October 18.

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