Raboo Poised for Explosive 100x Growth as Ondo and Stacks Fuel Altcoin Rally

There is no doubt Big Daddy Bitcoin is the most significant market driver, but when it comes to sheer profit, the altcoins are where it’s at! In the last 5 years, every single top-10 coin – apart from XRP – outpaced Bitcoin, with several 100x cryptos coming onto the market.

As sure as night follows day, when bitcoin halves, there will be an altcoin rally on the way.   Ondo and Stacks are two undervalued altcoins spurring on the altcoin rally, while investors are looking at Raboo for an explosive 100x growth once it hits the open markets.

Ondo Finance (ONDO): From presale to Profit: Ondo delivers 100x To Early Adopters

Never underestimate the power of presales, and Ondo Finance (ONDO) gives us a glimpse into what is possible when investors make use of ICOs and presales. Ondo Finance entered its first round of seed funding in 2021, which was priced at $0.013. Today, Ondo is trading at 1.26, a mere percentage points below its ATH. Ondo returned 106x since its presale offer, and the altcoin rally season will only push Ondo finance further.  

A 100x crypto is seen as the holy grail, a mythical unobtainable token that comes along once in a lifetime. However, when examining the markets and presale offers, 100x cryptos are not that uncommon, and investors are likely to find many 100x cryptos like Ondo if they go out to look for them.

Stacks (STX): A 100x Crypto. Twice.  

Stacks (STX) started its presale life at $0.019 and, in April, hit its ATH at $3.83 for slightly more than a 200x return. As a 100x crypto, Stacks delivered, twice! But in order to have gained the most from Stacks, investors needed to have come in during its presale phase, as Stacks hit the open market at $0.24, already a 10x-growth from presale, and just went up from there.

Stacks has returned over 60% in year-to-date figures, slightly behind Bitcoin, but outpacing both Ethereum and Solana. Stacks is setting a good pace for the altcoin rally, bringing in 3.02% for the month of June so far!  

Raboo (RABT): The New 100x Crypto Presale Now Underway.

As Ondo and Stacks demonstrate, 100x crypto growth is not just possible but probable. However, the best chance of making the most of any altcoin rally is to get in early, and nothing is earlier than presale offers.  

Raboo (RABT), a new meme-fi AI crypto, is now in its fourth phase of presale and selling out fast! Early investors have already provided Raboo with over $1.6 million in liquidity, but fortunately, it is still early days. But what makes Raboo such a hit with its 2,500 token holders and 8,000 subscribers? 

To begin, Raboo is an entrant in the Red-hot meme coin market, a $50 billion sector currently driving the altcoin rally. But there’s more to Raboo than memes. There is also an NFT market where digital originals and in-game assets can be bought and sold, and one cannot disregard the phenomenal APY Raboo will offer on its staking platform. Those who provide liquidity will be handsomely rewarded. But the ace up its sleeve is its AI engine, which will create and curate the finest internet culture content to ensure Raboo is always ahead of the pack.  

Analyzing market trends and the Raboo offering, calling Raboo a 100x crypto may be a lowball figure! 


Bottom line: the altcoin rally is the time that investors can make hay in glorious bull-market sunshine!  100x crypto coins like Ondo and Stacks will inch up even higher as the markets chase all new all time highs. However, the real money lies in presales and ICOs like the one on offer by Raboo. Priced at only $0.0048, the Raboo presale is an offer you can’t afford to miss!

You can participate in the Raboo presale here.

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