Q3 Predictions: BNB, Raboo and Fetch.ai, Find Out What The Experts Are Saying

It’s been a rollercoaster year so far for crypto coins. As the curtain draws on Q2 in the crypto market, we take a look at how the market has got on so far in the year, drawing pointers for Q3 price projections, particularly for three of the top trending altcoins, Binance Coin (BNB), Raboo ($RABT) and Fetch.ai (FET).

BNB and Fetch.ai are already household names in the crypto market; what do these old guards have for investors in Q3?

A new meme coin project, Raboo, is getting some high ratings from analysts. The coin is already delivering profits in its presale stages. But how much more profits can investors expect?

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Can Binance Coin’s resolve propel BNB price in Q3?

Binance would have wished for a better year devoid of legal battles. Most of the times Binance has made the crypto news so far this year, it’s been sanctions or one legal case in one country or another, particularly in the US and Nigeria. These sanctions have affected its native BNB token, especially given how this news negatively affected investor confidence.

While many forecasts and opinions projected a serious plunge for BNB price, the altcoin has managed to keep its head above bearish waters, just enough to remain one of the top altcoins in the crypto market. And one of the tricks that have helped Binance to stay afloat is its taste for new partnerships. Particularly, MoonGate’s integration of the Binance Coin giving BNB a huge boost.

While Binance Coin has demonstrated some serious issues, the BNB price has dipped down 20.76% from its ATH. In fact, per data from CoinMarketCap, BNB’s current price of $571.39 reflects a 4.69% decline over the last month, and a 1.78% decline on a weekly chart. These are only fine margins, but at the moment, BNB doesn’t look convincing going into Q3.

FET merger: Can investors expect a surge?

It’s AI season, and Fetch.ai has grown into one of the leaders of the AI niche. FET has benefitted from the excitement around AI coins, and it’s only normal for investors to anticipate what has for them in the next quarter.

In recent crypto news, Fetch.ai has announced that its long-anticipated merger with OCEAN and AGIX tokens is set to fully materialize next month, where both coins will be delisted from exchange platforms and assimilated into the FET token.

Apparently, this is a positive way to launch into the new quarter, but it remains to be seen how that impacts the FET price on the charts. However, investors have to be cautious as FET price has been on a downtrend over the past few days. Fetch.ai has shed 7.4% in price value over the past week, dipping to $1.44.

Raboo to bring meme entertainment and profits to the crypto market

As artificial intelligence continues to find its way into our everyday lives, the DeFi industry is experiencing an expansion in its AI niche. Fast Company reported earlier that AI tokens almost tripled their joint market cap between February and March this year. And that puts the viability of AI crypto coins like Raboo’s $RABT token in the right perspective.

The Raboo project is seeking to stand in the gap between AI and memes. Although investors are still drawn to meme coins for their profit potential, the decline in the entertainment of the DeFi industry is obvious. Meme coins no longer live up to their names or as well as one would expect.

With Raboo coming on board with its generative AI, too, Rabooscan, the project is on track to be the next biggest crypto project in the next quarter. When users get creative on Raboo’s Post-to-Earn feature, the Rabooscan AI will generate top-quality memes from those already posted  rewarding users with free $RABT tokens.


Crypto investors will wish for more stability and positive price movements in the next quarter, and Raboo might be the answer to their prayers. The project is already a subject in debates about the most likely top altcoins in Q3.

Experts’ predictions point up to a 100x post-launch ROI, but you don’t have to wait till then. $RABT tokens are valued at $0.0048 right now in Stage 4 of its public presale. Stage 1 investors are already at 60% profits, and you, too, can still make some of the 233% presale profits that are up for grabs.

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