Putting Consumer Data Back In Your Hands – APEX ICO

Consumer data is a widely accessible at the moment. Currently, the way that consumer data is collected is through large centralized companies that obtain your data when you agree to its terms and conditions. Platforms like Facebook and websites that ask for personal information are then able to use the information collected however they want. You essentially waive any rights that you may have to that data. In turn that data is collected in mass and sold on to third parties for profit.

APEX wants to give the power of consumer data back to the consumer. They want to allow consumers the opportunity to monetize their data directly and take the power of data collection away from centralized forces and place them on the blockchain.

APEX aims to change the fundamental flow and structure of consumer driven data. They are building a Business to Consumer (B2C) platform that will allow the consumers to sell their data directly to businesses themselves. APEX is built on the NEO blockchain. The crowdsale date is currently set at January 29th, 2018 (China Standard Time), with 1 NEO: 130.50 USD. The total allocation for the crowdsale is $5.2M, with 10,000 whitelisted participants.

The consumers will use the CPX wallet application and will interact with the brands and businesses there. They will have full control over their data as well as where it will be used and who can buy it. In return, the consumers gets rewarded in CPX tokens, which allow them open market through an exchange.

This platform, which was developed by Chinapex, has already proved itself as an existing enterprise solution with over 250 clients making use of it. It will allow the brands to analyse the data that they have acquired and more appropriately filter for the data that could be of interest to them.

About APEX:

APEX is a blockchain-powered data and interactions exchange that passes value and data ownership back to the consumer, as well as increasing market effectiveness, data quality, and customer loyalty for the enterprise experience.

About Chinapex:

Chinapex is a customer data technology and AI company headquartered in Shanghai with offices in Beijing, Hong Kong and Silicon Valley. Clients that have been on their roster include BMW, Standard Chartered, and Casio.

There are also a great number of partnerships of the APEX project such as Azure and AWS that help deploy their off-chain solution in NEXUS. There are also a number of other partnerships with some of the biggest names in technology in China. These include collaborations with companies such as Baidu, Oracle, Tencent and WeChat.

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