Player Wins Big Again with 8.968 Bitcoin Jackpot at

A user has hit it big again on the game Chunjie. Chunjie is a chinese themed slot game in high resolution offered to players by It has seen major winnings over the past few months with players like “JJ” (whose point total can be seen on the tournament/player points totals board on the website). JJ has had multiple jackpot wins in Chunjie with his latest one being 8.968 BTC, or $110,000 USD. His huge win occured on the 30th of January 2017. has long had a history of huge winnings such as this one. The online cryptocurrency casino offers jackpot winnings of up to 4923,313 mBTC in total jackpots. has been voted the best bitcoin casino in the world multiple times. It has also been voted by customers as the best Dogecoin casino in the world, and the best Litecoin casino of 2018. has a long history of satisfying customers and huge jackpot wins such as this one. User “JJ’s” win on January 30th, 2017 was not the first huge jackpot win but only the latest in a long list of jackpot wins over $100,000 USD. not only offers the high resolution slot game Chinjie. There are over 155 different, high resolution slot games available on All of these have been meticulously tested for functionality and player enjoyment by the testing team at The games go through a testing process that involves online gamers playing them for months before they are finally added to the game list for the long term. Any player complaint about the game or any other aspect of is promptly answered by the award winning customer service team at The customer service team at is an industry leading customer service department that offers the fastest response times out of any online cryptocurrency casino in the world. They offer responses immediately for any and all questions about the cryptocurrency casino website or even general questions such as of the price of any of the coins they accept.

When player JJ was asked what he would do with his earnings he said that he did not know. It is probable that he will reinvest it in playing more Chunjie because he has been winning huge in recent months. He is the top ranked player on the player points board with 13,334 points. He may also choose to reinvest the $100,000 dollars worth of bitcoin back into bitcoin, or just hold on to the coins in his bitcoin wallet, and watch the price of bitcoin rise back up to the $20,000 price. Recent months have seen a drastic decline in the price of bitcoin with it falling from $20,000 to the eighty-five hundred mark within a few short weeks. This devastating crash has hit the bitcoin wallets of many loyal investors. However, many experts at renown institutions like Morgan Stanley have stated that they are not worried about the price of bitcoin rebounding and that we should see it reach well over the $20,000 price point within the next few years. Crashes such as these are expected with stocks and in the Forex markets. When a stock or a forex pair rises too quickly investors pull out expecting a pullback, this triggers a chain reaction of pullouts and investor sentiment turns negative towards the stock.

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