PayperEx – The Alternative Share Market

While Bitcoin and cryptocurrencies are fundamentally changing the way that finance works, it is always great to see projects challenge the finance sector even further. Continuing to push the norms of the market are the only ways to make disruptive and meaningful changes to it. We at the Merkle are happy to work with our sponsor PayperEx to explore how their project can change the way we think about the global share markets.

PayperEx’s Network has Some Unique Selling Points

Both PayperEx’s network and its token have some unique selling points that are worth exploring. Firstly, its founders have more than 15 years of experience in the finance industry. This kind of experience is necessary for projects looking to disrupt any system. If a team does not understand the market they are entering and shaking up, then they will have a much harder time accomplishing their goals.

The team has decided to focus on the share market, and the project aims to decentralize this part of the finance industry. By using blockchain technology, they want to create an alternative trading network to augment current global share markets. The main goal of the project is to provide economical, secure, and fast access to the benefits of share markets to anyone in the world.

Their technology will be scalable and the team believes their continued work advancing the blockchain for their project will uniquely situate them for success. They also hope to integrate an excellent user experience through a well designed user interface.

They project will use a system of tokens as Paypers. Paypers are share based units. To trade on the PayperEx platform, users will need to use these Paypers, which act as representative shares of an underlying such as Bitcoin or Ethereum.

The barrier to entry is rather low, set at 100 PAX (or about 0.002 XBT). Paypers can also be bought for bearish trends, allowing investors to try and capitalize on downtrends in the market.

PAX Token’s Unique Selling Points

To purchase the Paypers necessary to make trades and earn fee shares from holding those Paypers, users need to use the PAX token. Paypers can be unlimited, but the PAX tokens needed to purchase those will be fixed. The set limit will be determined during the crowdsale.

PAX utilizes a private wallet, so PAX can act as a store of value or transaction medium. Users can send and receive PAX while maintaining full control over their funds.

Immediately following the ICO, PAX can be traded or used to purchase Paypers against cryptocurrency underlyings. The project wants to maximize PAX’s liquidity so that the market continues flowing. Eventually, they want to make PAX an off platform currency as well, though it will remain a native token for now.

There is also the potential that this token will grow in value. As the platform becomes more popular and lucrative, so too would the token driving its activity. No other token or coin is responsible for keeping the platform’s ecosystem running, so the popularity of the platform and the value of its token can be a good gauge for the overall health of the project.

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