Paypal Alternative Crypto Platform – Menuva

In the time where cryptocurrencies are getting a solid adoption We are still lacking a tool that would connect all those currencies and enable seamless and secure transactions between users – until now! Menuva will try to bring the last bridge needed for a massive adoption!

Anyone who used cryptocurrencies is familiar how much great it can be and how many advantages it has compared to traditional ways of centralized payment solutions like PayPal,Skrill, Neteller and others. But sadly there are also few drawbacks. Price fluctuation, number of different coins, trust issue, lack of payment plugins and many more are just a small partition of the problems that currently exist in the crypto world.

Luckily we recognized those problems and created a solution, the last bridge, that was missing from creating a complete crypto ecosystem. We created MENUVA.

“Menuva is a simple to use decentralized payment platform. It is one of a kind solution for every need in the cryptocurrency space. Both buyers and sellers will be thrilled to see this feature packed solution for crypto payments. “


Cryptocurrencies were invented as a payment solution but lately we don’t see it much used. Sellers are afraid of constant price fluctuations and while the whole market is still in a longterm uptrend they do not want to put their money at stake since they are sellers in the first place and not traders! There is also a problem of which currency to select as one person has ETH the other BTC or even some other asset. You would have to register multiple wallets and install multiple payment plugins on Your site to automate the payment processing system.

All of these things will be resolved with our system. Menuva developed a unique DAC (Dynamically Adjusted Currency) protocol. That means You will be able to accept all the popular currencies with only one payment plugin. At that the value of those are fixated at the time of sending the payment so this mean You will never lose a penny due to price fluctuations! All of that for a fee that will never surpass 2% !


Absolutely NOT! All of these features were aimed at pleasing the buyers. They will also be able to use the above mentioned solutions. They can opt out for sending the payments directly or via ESCROW system. What escrow allows is that the money is held until the prearranged conditions are not met! You will not have to worry about not receiving Your paid product or someone scamming You for Your hard earned money. When a problem occurs 2 random chosen arbitrators will be chosen to resolve the conflict. Everything will be available on the ethereum blockchain paired with few other solutions like P2P decentralized chat. So that means You will be able to rate the people who You had transactions with so other can be assured with whom they are dealing.


We know that getting noticed in the overcrowed ICO space is very difficult and the projects that do get recognized usually spend million’s on marketing! We do not have that kind of budget nor we want to spread the word in an artificial way. Because all of that We will highly reward our early adopters.  All the rewards are available in our whitepaper (page 17).


Our Pre-Sale started on 8th of February 2018. Because of regulations we needed to exclude USA, Canada, China, South Korea and Singapore citizens but that means that for rest of the participants taking a part of the ICO will be really simple. There is no registration form as we only need Your ETH address and email address for contacting purposes. Pre-sale will have a hardcap of 400 ETH and the public one 6100 ETH totaling in a 6500 ETH!

Participate now and help Menuva bring safety to crypto payments!
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