Patientory Announces Crowdsale for the Launch of its Blockchain-secured Medical Records Platform

Atlanta, U.S. 9th May – Global blockchain startup Patientory will launch its crowdsale on the 31st of May to raise funds for development of a pioneering new platform for managing patient care. The Patientory platform will offer a blockchain-based solution to healthcare organisations who need to securely and privately store patient data. Since its launch in 2015 the award-winning startup has attracted high profile partners such as Kaiser Permanente and Startup+Health.

Patientory will act as software as a service (SaaS) platform for healthcare providers offering a way to secure patient data whilst enabling access across a trusted network of healthcare organizations. The system aims to improve clinical outcomes by making patient care easier and more efficient, particularly where there is more than one provider collaborating on patient care.

At the moment medical data is held electronically where it is increasingly at risk from cybercrime activites. By securing data on the blockchain, Patientory can ensure privacy and reduce data breaches. The Patientory platform has been able to achieve HIPAA compliance, meeting U.S. standards for ensuring the privacy of individually identifiable health information.

The project was founded by entrepreneur Chrissa McFarlane whose team includes blockchain experts and business professionals. The board of eight advisors includes Shaun Wilkinson, founder of Storj, placing Patientory in strong position to take first movers advantage for blockchain-based medical record storage.

Patientory is also partnered with Kaiser Permanente, one of the largest not-for-profit health plans in the U.S. KP serves more than 11.3 million members across it’s own chain of 38 Foundation Hospitals and their subsidiaries. The health provider published an annual operating revenue of $64.6 billion last year and will be one of the first organisations to use the Patientory platform when it launches this year.

For the end user, the Patientory platform will provide an easy-to-use patient portal to connect with healthcare providers, schedule appointments and review treatment plans. The platform has the potential to radically reduce the cost of care through its ability to streamline, automate and coordinate treatment processes.

Patientory was recently dubbed ‘this year’s most highly investable company’ by SEMDA after receiving top prize from the Atlanta-based partnership with MedTech accelerator. Patientory has also been ranked in the top 5 digital healthcare solutions worldwide for empowering patients, as well as receiving numerous acknowledgments across thought leaders.

The crowdsale opens on the 31st of May and will offer PTOY tokens that function as access and permissions tokens for the Patientory platform. See the Patientory website for more details.

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