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We’ve all played online casino games but few are as fun or rewarding as the games on It is important and truly great to know that a casino game involving Bitcoin is no average game; players use and earn real money in the form of electronic coins – called Bitcoins – which makes it all the more exciting.

When first entering the website, the user is greeted with an array of colorful art that instantly grabs the attention. Large stylish font shows players the “Total Bitcoin Jackpot” with a button that let’s you immediately get in on the action that reads “Show Jackpot Games.” There is also a section on the main screen offering different types of perks and bonuses when you sign up with a name, phone number, password and email address, but one of the best features that the website offers is that the user can continue to play without doing so! This is a great feature for players who visit the site simply for the love of gaming as many game sites and apps now require information for gaming to get started. However, wastes no time and maintains the excitement with this option.

Players have free reign to click on any game after simply scrolling down. The games are then divided into categories like “Most Popular”, “Free Spin Games”, and “New Games” to easily show users which games might better suit them and how to get started. With a simple tap the game begins.
Another useful perk of this website are the quick load times. In an instant, the game starts and continues with the great customization choices by allowing the user to choose playing with sound or no sound.

Usually at this point a website would have a fairly long tutorial but allows the player to dive right in, using visual prompts and simple phrases to help you start the game. With the click of a button you’ve already begun winning FUN, earning Bitcoins – and therefor real money- gambling, spinning, and more. There is undoubtedly no better way to earn Bitcoins.

If a question does arise during game play, there is no need to fear; by clicking on the options symbol on the screen – a circular button with three horizontal lines – players have quick access to information. Here, players can access “Bet Settings” to change their bet value and “Sound and Music” settings to adjust music volume and speaker volume. There is even an option to set up Autospins and to view the particular value of pieces and other in the “Paytable” section. The option menu is complete with an extensive “Rules and Lines” section where players may also view more about the game in detail.
The great thing about playing these games on is every game follows a similar set up, leaving out the possibility of hassle and frustration that comes with trying to understand each game. Pressing the home button – the symbol of a house – at any time during game play sends the user back to the colorful main screen where all of the other games are listed.

Other than its great functionality and easy to use money making system, offers something very important: a sense of security. As previously stated, signing up to play the games is not required but clearly should be utilized for the full benefit of the website. Since Bitcoin is a true form of electronic currency, expertly assures its users in their “Play Safe” section – located at the bottom of the screen- that users can gain and transfer funds without revealing their identity; a key feature that very few websites offer. Because of all of these features, users may have questions, all ranging from converting funds into Bitcoins, to depositing and fairness questions. is prepared for these questions and have an FAQ section that answers them in relatable terms so even a first time user can understand and make educated decisions. The website even takes the extra step in saying that if there was a question they failed to answer in the FAQ, users can contact their live customer support for help.
The site’s support system is great, offering a 24 hour a day, seven days a week service phone number, live chat, and emailing option. Whatever a user’s needs may be, they can expect a fast response or, depending on the level of detail, a thorough email response, holding up to the rest of the website’s great sense of freedom in choosing how you get assistance.

Besides the FAQ, the website offers other, specific ways for users to educate themselves. The “Provably Fair” section gives a detailed account of how the keeps the games fair and unique, when they began using the technique, and how players can check the outcome of their games. Of course the “Terms and Conditions” and “About Us” are available for a full understanding of Bitcoin’s vow to the user’s fun, safety, and convenience. Overall, the website is as geared toward safety as it is to fun and keeps users informed with clear diction that leaves few, if any, questions behind.

The “Casino Affiliates” section stands out in particular if one wants a fast understanding of why to choose over all the others. Their “10 reasons why we have one of the TOP programs” is perfectly titled as it gives a short run down of what all of the other pages have lengthily explained. Their guarantee of on time payments, anonymous earnings, and up to 45% revenue share are a bold promise that immediately sucks users in.

After going through all the material on, almost anybody and everybody would be sold. Anonymous, fun, easy to use, easy to earn, and safe are only some of the phrases one could use to describe it. Any player who tries it for themselves will not be disappointed, the games are great and the bounty is even better.

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