Online Casino Bonuses – Deposit, Free Play & Referral

There are many bonuses that internet casinos use to maintain their player base and to bring in new players. Read on to discover three of the most popular among them.

The sheer number of online casinos that are in existence can cause people to become frustrated when it comes to finding the right one for their person needs. These casinos try to convince players to stay with their site in this highly competitive environment by using bonuses to persuade new and existing players. The three most prolific methods include the load bonus, the free play bonus, and the referral bonus.

What Is A Deposit Bonus?

When people choose to play at a given online casino they are often granted an initial deposit bonus. This bonus is additional money added to the new player’s account in accordance with specified bonus rules. Typically this load bonus will be directly proportional to the amount of money loaded. At an American based internet casino this might be dollar for dollar, as an example. Another type of load bonus is the reload bonus. This compensatory concept works in the same manner as the initial deposit version. The only difference is that it is granted when more money is added to an account that already exists.

What Is A Free Play Bonus?

The free play bonus is one that can be seen as a give away. These type of reward for playing at a given casino allows the player to play one game for free. This game is usually something along the lines of a prize wheel, lottery ticket, bingo, or a roll of the dice. Either way, the purpose of this bonus is to grant the player one free chance at winning a game. This is very popular in bingo and lottery drawing style sites.

What Is A Referral Bonus?

A referral bonus can be almost anything the casino can think of. Sometimes it is money, at other times it might be prize points or free plays. The options that a casino might use are many and varied. This type of bonus basically turns the player into a casino affiliate. They will try to draw in customers for the casino and if the new player makes a deposit then the one who referred them will usually receive some sort of compensation in accordance with the rules of this promotion. This is useful for both the players and the casino as it brings in new business and rewards players for bring in said business.

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