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Omnitude Brings the Power of Hyperledger Technology to Enterprise eCommerce with its Smart Blockchain Platform

  • Omnitude will bring a new level of connectivity between blockchain technologies, enterprise systems and eCommerce platforms
  • The technology will open up the supply chain, reduce eCommerce fraud and enable shared customer identity solutions. Omnitude has already gained significant interest from enterprise partners
  • Omnitude is built on Hyperledger technology, an open source project by the Linux Foundation to build a permissioned blockchain infrastructure

LONDON, 24 January 2018: Omnitude today announces it will bring blockchain technology to eCommerce platforms and enterprise systems. Harnessing the power of Hyperledger, it will resolve key issues in eCommerce such as identity protection, defending against fraud and ensuring supply chain transparency with its smart blockchain platform.

Omnitude is a project borne out of an existing enterprise eCommerce agency which saw first-hand the time and difficulty involved in integrating and reintegrating systems. Blockchain technology has the ability to solve problems in ways not previously possible. Omnitude will help achieve:

  • The creation of transparent and accountable manufacturing and supply chains.
  • A significant reduction in eCommerce fraud.
  • The enablement of a single customer identity for use across any Omnitude-connected eCommerce site.
  • Blockchain integration between enterprise systems such as Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) and Warehouse Management Systems (WMS).

Hyperledger will form the heart of the Omnitude platform. A permissioned blockchain protocol, it will enable business-to-consumer and business-to-business transactions. Unlike public blockchain protocols, it will be a permissioned network where nodes are run by known whitelisted organisations or individuals, with oversight from the Omnitude Foundation. To further enhance security and transparency, the Omnitude blockchain will be periodically anchored to transactions on public blockchains such as Bitcoin and Ethereum.

The result will be a flexible method of implementing business-focused systems. Any entity participating in eCommerce – merchant, customer, supplier, courier, affiliate/referrer – will be able to join the Omnitude Ecosystem, which will be powered by the ECOM token.

Merchants will make payments in ECOM to other ecosystem participants to use the on-ledger Omnitude solutions for supply chain provenance, delivery cycle transparency data, single id, single reputation and proof-of-interaction. Customers will be able to use ECOM as an alternative to fiat payments.

Chris Painter, Founder and CEO of Omnitude, said: “I have worked for over 10 years in enterprise eCommerce, and time and again the same issues arise. Our customers often face difficulties integrating systems, and don’t have reliable solutions for tracking products through the supply chain or verifying customer identities. Not only that, the existing products on the market take months to implement.

“With Omnitude, we will use blockchain technologies to make the online retail marketplace more transparent, more profitable and more secure. We will build the integration layer that will allow enterprise to reap the rewards of blockchain technology.”

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About Omnitude

Omnitude is a blockchain smart platform that connects blockchain technologies, eCommerce platforms and enterprise systems involved in building end-to-end supply chains. Utilising Omnitude as an integration layer between existing systems enables rapid deployment of blockchain technology without the need to replace current systems.

The Omnitude platform will itself be open and transparent, enabling anyone to design and build Omnitude applications to integrate with existing solutions in eCommerce, supply chain and enterprise systems.

Omnitude technology will enable a wide variety of different applications to be built. The Omnitude team will build its own, whilst supporting the community to develop their own, through open documentation, example code and support.

We aim to revolutionise eCommerce and supply chains with blockchain technologies. Visit our website at or follow our telegram channel to be notified when the token sale opens.

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