Official Kwhcoin Token Announcement-ICO Launches December 21

The Kwhcoin renewable energy network is pleased to announce its official token offering beginning December 21, 2017 launching a digital advanced energy economy that empowers the edges of the grid with the choice of a 100% renewable energy future and provides a blockchain based solution for the 1.2 billion globally without access to electricity.

Kwhcoin is a cryptocurrency backed by a kilowatt hour of electricity that aggregates the energy usage data of distributed energy resources to find the digital value of the “D” in distributed energy resources.

What is a Kwhcoin?

The KWHCoin is the native token for a decentralized application where prosumers, consumers, and other distributed energy resources can connect and configure their energy resources. The Kwhcoin digitally represents the organic generation of a kilowatt hour of deliverable energy output or equivalent that was generated and distributed as part of work that occurs on our decentralized platform. This ensures our digital currency is backed by a kilowatt hour of electricity that aggregates the energy usage data of distributed energy resources. Any upstream value is automatically paired into a digital wallet and payment is in Kwhcoin providing a secure and independent store of value for network users. Our business model leverages a blockchain based solution for a cost effective and network incentive based structure to help shift from fossil fuels to efficiency and renewables. All transactions on this renewable energy platform are transacted in Kwhcoins making it a viable cryptocurrency as a measurement of value for the emerging Internet of Energy .

Social Impact

The Kwhcoin project is inspired by social impact and the unique ability to leverage blockchain based solutions to lower barriers of access for the 1.2 billion globally without electricity or with “dirty” energy choices as the only alternative. 10% of all proceeds from the Kwhcoin Energy Foundation will be used to fund microgrid development, invest in physical infrastructure, and off grid technologies in Africa, the Caribbean, Southeast Asia, and South America. We will use 10% of our revenues in perpetuity to assist building the physical infrastructure with complimenting virtual assets to create and connect a virtual network of distributed energy resources to develop creative solutions to achieve our desired outcome.

The goal of Kwhcoin is to build and develop a borderless renewable energy platform with no barriers to access, participants need only a phone and internet connection to access desperately needed energy resources to sustain their families and local economies.

Problems Kwhcoin Proposes for Blockchain Based Solutions

Environmental, economic, and social impact of having carbon-intensive energy sources that are unsustainable and contain pollutants.

The sun is a near-infinite source of energy and can bring citizens one step closer to energy independence and a clean energy future. Kwhcoin tokens directly reduce carbon emissions by digitizing all processes so that we have a decarbonized operational flow. All distributed energy resources on the network both physical and virtual will require minimal carbon intensity for the generation and distribution of value on our platform. In 2015, U.S. electric utilities spent $103 billion in capital expenditures to maintain and upgrade the grid, and they now expect average annual spending of close to $100 billion through 2018, even as growth in electricity demand slows. This is environmentally detrimental and the economic costs are unsustainable and will contribute to dramatic increases in the cost of energy. Kwhcoin proposes a solution that enables the localized generation of energy at the edges both unlocking value for prosumers and local communities while reducing transmission costs and the carbon intensive process of delivering electricity over long distances through transmission lines.

Distributed energy resources and technologies are renewable and have positive attributes but are a challenge to deploy based on the centralized structure of the existing electricity grid.

Kwhcoin proposes a decentralized renewable energy generation and distribution model that improves local electricity grid power quality and defers the need for expensive peaking supply electricity. The existing electricity grid models are designed to generate, distribute, and compensate a centralized grid structure with a one generational and directional flow. Solar PV’s and the influx of distributed energy resources have created a new and dynamic two way generational flow of energy and we need comprehensive solutions to account for this recent transformational development. Kwhcoin provides a baseline compensation mechanism that enables the capability of blockchain solutions to develop the infrastructure for the smart grid of the 21st century.

Investment in distributed energy resources is challenged by not having a comprehensive compensation model that accounts for a two way directional flow of energy generation and distribution.

Kwhcoin lowers the cost of solar by adding an incentivized platform to engage a broader audience to access renewable energy and sustainable sources. We aim to become the baseline compensation mechanism for the emerging internet of energy providing a value constant for the integration of renewables into the grid. Cryptocurrency and the token model provide a great pair to define the value of the “D” of “distributed energy resources” in its multiple forms providing a solution to help encourage more investment in renewable energy. The Kwhcoin is designed specifically to meaure the value of all distributed energy resources which is why were encouraging all to participate on our platform.

Prosumers and environmentally conscious energy users do not have a reliable and consistent platform to generate value for their sustainable choices or to purchase directly from an energy source that is net zero carbon generating.

The Kwhcoin community believes in circular economic principles and that resources remain in use as long as possible then recover and regenerate products at the end of service life. We apply this to energy generation and distribution and believe the marketplace needs a platform where environmentally conscience have a sustainable energy solution that operates on the principles of a net zero energy marketplace. All members receive Kwhcoin tokens as reward for efforts to make sustainable energy choices.

Token Functionality

The Kwhcoin token is the the pay per use rail for accessing our blockchain infrastructure. The token is used to enrich the user experience directly on the platform or is utilized as an incentive. The token is an efficient payment method to settle transactions and will enable frictionless transactions within the application environment so its the transaction engine of choice. The Kwhcoin token will provide a frictionless platform for prosumers, consumers, originators, installers, climate action groups and all renewable energy interested participants to connect and coordinate energy resources.

Kwhcoin Advanced Energy Platform Components

Kwhcoin Blockchain (Network)-this will consist of a network of the ledger energy data of distributed energy resources consisting of physical and virtual assets. This represents our network or community and forms the foundation of our value chain. These distributed energy resources will be connected on the Kwhcoin blockchain where energy excess is converted to Kwhcoins forming a decentralized network of renewable energy generation.

Kwhcoin (KWH)- cryptocurrency and native token of the platform representing value specific to distributed energy resources (DER) in our advanced energy economy. All platform transactions are carried out in Kwhcoins and allow access to all community activities. This allows peer to peer trading and unlocks the decentralized capabilities of blockchain technology.

On The GRID (OTG)- is the decentralized application that were launching the Initial Coin Offering to build. This will have a mobile application and website for network users to access and will serve as the marketplace for the collaboration of distributed energy resources. The application will offer a peer to peer transaction model, blockchain based billing model to manage energy choices, decentralized peer to peer exchange, and incentive and compensation models to lower the cost of solar.

Token supply: 195,000,000 tokens to launch the advanced energy economy.

Come check out more and join the advanced energy economy of the future as we apply blockchain as a liberation technology.




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