Nitro-Gaming Coin to Disrupt Video Game Economy with Democratization

Video games are a $100 billion industry around the world. There are so many platforms that these games are based on. They include PC, consoles and mobile platforms with each one of them boasting a different experience for the users. The issue with the current industry model is that there is too much centralization and saturation of assets among the global community of game developers while the hundreds of millions users only get to watch from the sidelines.

This approach is flawed for the future development of video games which rely heavily on user feedback. There is also a feeling of disconnectivity between the users and the developers that needs to be removed. Nitro is an online cryptocurrency and gaming platform that aims to solve many of the problems associated with the gaming industry right now.

How Does Nitro Aim to Succeed?

First of all, Nitro realizes that gamers need to have a sizeable stake in the future development of games and by using blockchain technology and decentralization as their tool of choice, this is possible. Secondly, instead of making promises they can’t keep in terms of scalability and outreach, Nitro has got the backing of an established gaming platform called iCandy Interactive;  an award-winning game development business with many prominent developers sitting on its’ board. It has been in the video gaming industry for over 6 years and its’ existing users total more than 346 million smartphone gamers around the world.

Nitro token will be released especially for these games and it will populate their gameplay. This early adoption will ensure that the scalability of the new coin is not an issue and the investment backers do in their Initial Coin Offering is not likely to go to waste as compared to other video game ICOs which are likely to face issues here.

Gamers and speculators can have the ownership of the NItro Token and participate in the booming game economy directly. They can fund new game concepts and get a share from their revenues through smart contracts. They can also make passive income indirectly as future platforms will be populated by this new token and all the earnings will be split among the coin holders and the video game companies themselves. This bottom-up approach will help in expanding the already vast boundaries of the gaming world and allow a new financial model to prosper.

Nitro is also backed by three venture capital firms that are behind the success of the iCandy Interactive. All of these stakeholders had a considerable say in the development of the new platform and will ensure its future success too.

The Nitro coin is called Nitro Token or NOX. It is based on the Ethereum blockchain’s smart contracts feature. The Nitro token is the first gaming token to be supported by successful gaming industry leaders and professionals.

Nitro ICO

The Nitro Token will undergo an ICO from December 1, 2017. A pre-sale has already passed and all sales will be conducted live on the Nitro token’s website. It is currently offering 60 million NOX token and the total target is set at 75,000 ETH.

60% of the proceeds from the ICO will be redirected to funding gaming pools while 40% will be allocated for marketing and operating costs.

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