Newera, a Firm Tokenizing Carbon Credits, Pledges to Invest up to US$50 Million in Renewable Energy Projects

Singapore – 03 February 2018 New Era Energy (NewEra), the Singapore company focusing on accelerating renewable energy adoption in Southeast Asia, entered into a partnership with Bamboo Capital Group (BCG) to pilot the world’s first blockchain-enabled Carbon Credits Certification Protocol. This MOU is the first activity lined up in NewEra’s pledge to invest up to US$50 million into renewable energy projects.

“Our goal is to raise awareness of climate change and accelerate the adoption of clean energy in Southeast Asia, and we believe with proper verification and certification of clean energy footprint, we can create a rewarding ecosystem to encourage individuals to go green,” says Mr. Leonard Ng, Co-founder of NewEra.

Despite the Paris Agreement, global temperatures and carbon emissions are reaching record highs. The global commitment to reduce emissions and adopt clean energy initiatives is often slowed down and hampered by financing inefficiencies, high costs, stakeholder deadlock, and inaction. For instance, in Vietnam, with domestic-only resources, greenhouse gas emissions will only be reduced by 8% by 2030. In contrast, with international support, this will increase to 25% in Vietnam by 2030.

NewEra aims to address these inefficiencies by opening up the carbon credits market – a US$50 billion market in 2017 according to The World Bank – to the masses. The company is building a blockchain-enabled platform on blockchain technology to tokenize carbon credits, measure clean energy footprints, and a transparent, accountable, and secure system that brings carbon credits to the masses.

“Innovation and environmental responsibility is at the heart of BCG. We are excited to be working with NewEra in their effort to promote clean energy amongst the masses in the world,” said Mr. Nguyen Ho Nam, Chairman of BCG. “The collaboration will be a win-win for all parties,” added Nguyen.

BCG is listed on Ho Chi Minh Stock Exchange (HOSE) developing over 2000MW of solar and wind projects.

About NERA

Founded in 2017, New Era Energy (NewEra) is a blockchain company that uses blockchain technology to enable a decentralised system to increase transparency and credibility to create and make carbon credits accessible to the masses. The company comprises of a well-rounded team with a combined experience of 60 years in the clean energy sector. Against the negative connotation of blockchain when it comes to the environment, NewEra is promoting and supporting a greener world and rewards their community members through their bounty program for taking part in green activities and projects. For more information on NewEra, visit:

About Bamboo Capital Group

Established in 2011, Bamboo Capital Group (BCG) has since grown into a group company with 10 subsidiaries and affiliated companies in Vietnam, specializing in  various  industries including Consulting, Investment Fund Management, Investment Banking, Real Estate, Manufacturing, Import and Export, Transportation, Mineral, Services and Tourism. With a multicultural team of professional, enthusiastic and experienced people, BCG is always a pioneer in providing creative financial solutions, sophisticated and flexible products and services to improve local economic conditions.

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