New conference speaker: Bharath Rao, founder of Coinpit Inc.

A team of speakers at the Blockchain & Bitcoin Conference Prague welcomes Bharath Rao – the founder and director of trading the platform Coinpit Inc.

About Coinpit

Coinpit is a futures exchange which offers futures contracts denominated in Bitcoin. Currently, they offer inverse USD/BTC contracts. More contracts will be added based on demand. Furthermore, Coinpit is a pure Bitcoin in/out exchange and does not deal with any fiat, which eliminates any exchange rate risk. When it comes to security, Coinpit uses multi-sig addresses where a user’s private key is never transmitted to the exchange. This feature assures that a security breach cannot compromise any user’s funds, making this exchange immune to failure from theft from internal or external agents.

About the Presentation

The topic of Bharath’s presentation is titled “Application of cryptotechnology and Bitcoin”.

When Bharath Rao established Coinpit Inc., he was using ten years of experience of trading on Wall Street, and the knowledge obtained at the executive positions.

He will talk about the benefits of blockchain technologies providing:
– authorization without the login and registration. Browser automatically creates the closed key for identification on the server;
– safety of transactions. Each operation is assigned with user’s secret key;
– confidentiality. User doesn’t have to indicate the name, e-mail or other data allowing to ID him.

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