Mysterium Network – Decentralized VPN

Today people are looking for security and privacy when they are in an Internet environment. The situation has changed and now people are beginning to look after these topics.

Is there any solution?

Thanks to the boom of blockchain technology,  we have new ways to protect ourselves such as a decentralized VPN network where no intermediary is needed and moreover our data will be completely protected

A project by a Lithuanian team is called Mysterium network. Developers are creating a VPN network where their users will either be bandwidth providers or VPN customers. Users who provide their bandwidth network will be rewarded by a token its name is Myst. Contraty to this, users who use the VPN service will pay the providers (users). The team of developers are working to meet its goals in time.

Alpha version of the network has already been released. We can mention the successful ICO of May this year. The famous face of the project is Robertas Višinskis. A man who has years of experience in the field of technological startups. Marta Kuzmickajte, was recently hired and will assist greatly and others.

Network aims to be a global marketplace and involve all participants across the world. The user base of this project is very extensive and everyone is impatiently waiting for the news that developers publish on their blog.

Token Myst is traded on two exchanges, Bittrex and Liqui. This project is also interested in the wider public, and this affects the price of the Myst token, which has risen in recent days. So we are able to participate in the success of this project by buying on the exchange.
Current levels are still underestimated, and traders are expecting to attack the levels on which Myst moved after a successful ICO. Specifically, the range 0.0008 – 0.0009 Myst / Btc and then on all time high around 0.0016.

In the long run, this investment seems to be profitable, as the demand for VPN clients is constantly growing not only from Asia but also from the Western world and people who want to actively participate in this network are getting more and more involved.

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