Multifunctional platform TokenGo for business tokenization wraps up Pre-ICO successfully

Vigorous growth of Distributed database and Blockchain technologies have become a reason for a wide range of newer digital services for business to rise. So came up Cryptocurrency Exchanges, Crowdfunding platforms, Platforms for Blockchain-based Workflow and ICO-listing. Beside there is one platform capable to bring together generally all advantages aforementioned services and even to provide list of alternative unique, strong, effective solutions. This platform is named TokenGo, and at this moment (since DEC 11 2017 till FEB 10 2018) it is taking place big-time Pre-ICO campaign.

Concept of creation TokenGo platform

Mr Anton Bendersky, the Founder of TokenGo platform, in the course of his last interview at official project’s blog on Medium shared the story of TokenGo beginning, the preliminary and prospects for development. By the way, Anton have extensive experience (over a 15 years) in computer software and secure services development in finance industry. As a result, Anton contributes not only as a founder and executive director, but also as a blochain-architect. However not only the existence of technology is focal point for a company. Planned, sustained growth is provided by team of highly trained specialists in marketing, design, business-management and software engineering.

Let’s come back to the idea of business tokenization platform. According to Anton Bendersky’s the particular idea was driven by highlights of several projects, such as Nem, Nxt, Steem. Analysis of this projects showed up some similar flaws and extra client’s expectations. This was followed by long, labor-intensive work and, as a result, platform appeared and we can observe the process of Pre-ICO considered and adapted by TokenGo project’s Whitepaper.

Some words about platform

TokenGo – project based on the internal blockchain. Build as modular self-sufficient system based on relative components platform, TokenGo covers full range of required services and expected features, such as:

TokenGo Web-Site builder was made to simplify process of Landing Page building and to systematize information about services and projects.

TokenGo Personal Cabinet Builder for launching and managing Bounty Campaigns. It also allows to work with information about ongoing pre-sales and bounty campaigns, special offers and current news.

TokenGo ICO Crowdfunding platform, where will it be automatically posted information about all ICO projects, so each member of the community will never miss the relevant information. Similarly, the ICO projects founders will be able to access all the necessary tools for ICO integrated by TokenGo developers along with third-party developer’s solutions.

TokenGo Smart Contract Builder as a secure and fail-safe solution to ensure soft, quick start of smart contract creation procedure.

TokenGo Harvester (Voting) procedure attracts participants and give them fair revenue, proportionally to their contribution for the rated activity (project evaluation, voting, promotion etc.).

TokenGo Cryptocurrency Exchange is a trading module build to maintain entire transaction services and to accomplish transaction between internal payment token GoCoin (GOC), fundamental unit of the platform – token GoPower (GPT) and other tokens, released by participants within the framework of the TokenGo platform in near future.

Usage model of TokenGo Platform


No doubt, that there are expected much more facilities to rollout. Some of them are written on the official TokenGo website and in the Whitepaper, but other will be published for voting among stakeholders and participants. Meanwhile, for a reliable implementation, TokenGo requires a substantive capital. Good thing is that the amount of 910 ETH is almost passed. It means, that it is a few days left till Pre-Sale ends (till FEB 10 2018) and all benefits would be unavailable.

Pre-ICO and current fees

It is well known, that Pre-Sale offer prospects of discounts and benefits. Ongoing TokenGo Pre-Sale offer a competitive buyer discount equal 0.00057143 ETH for 1 GPT. Moreover, every buyer till the end of Pre-Sale will get a bonus in the amount of 50%. Documented Soft Cap is 1000 ETH and right now Pre-ICO got 91% (910 ETH) of requested. That confirms the high-level of trust and confidence of crypto-community to the project. Within the procedure of Pre-ICO, project gives participants an access to latest modules prototype, which have already been highly appreciated by the community as the best solution in conducting the Bounty campaign. In the near future, it is scheduled some major updates and Bounty campaigns accessible for other projects.

Finally, according to Anton Bendersky’s interview, the basic purpose for TokenGo team is implementation of the most advanced ideas and projects in blockchain, as well as improving platform’s framework facilities! Thus, taking part in the Crowdsale of TokenGo platform, is not only tokens with the maximum benefit, but also contribute to the development of the large-scale blockchain-system.

This is a sponsored press release and does not necessarily reflect the opinions or views held by any employees of The Merkle. This is not investment, trading, or gambling advice. Always conduct your own independent research.