Movavi Releases Version 9.0 of its Popular Screen Capture Studio

Recently Movavi released a new edition of its Screen Capture Studio software. The new release introduces several changes to key aspects of the software and expands its features and capabilities while at the same time improving the user experience as well.

Movavi has always aimed to ensure that its software is as user-friendly and intuitive as possible, and in many ways Movavi Screen Capture Studio epitomizes its commitment to that goal. A number of the improvements in this new version are to areas that should help to optimize the user experience further.

One of the most noticeable changes is the new design of the launcher window that opens when the software launches. Its new design is more user-friendly and allows parts of the program such as audio capture and video capture to be accessed directly, rather than having to go through the editor as was the case in previous versions.

The editor and screen capture modules have had some improvements made as well to make them easier to use. The export option in the editor should now be more user-friendly and require less technical knowledge of video settings, and the screen capture interface incorporates icons to access the timer and countdown.

Other new features in Movavi Screen Capture Studio 9.0 include additional tutorial pop-ups, more precise sound adjustment tools, and more built-in audio tracks and stickers to use in videos.

The standout feature in Movavi Screen Capture Studio 9.0 however is its Montage Wizard. It is a tool that is designed to automatically create videos out of footage that is added to it. With its algorithms it will identify the best scenes in the footage and cut them while at the same time ensuring that they fit in with the music track that you choose to use.

Via the Montage Wizard in Movavi Screen Capture Studio 9.0, Movavi hopes to make it even easier to come up with impressive videos. Due to the fact that it already has numerous features that make it a video recorder for PC, it is possible to both record the necessary footage and compile it immediately afterwards. Additionally the built-in editor will make it possible to make further changes manually, if need be.

All in all the new version of Movavi Screen Capture Studio is easier to use and expands on the capabilities of older versions. Under the hood it includes several bug fixes and performance enhancements as well, that guarantee a smoother and more seamless experience. For anyone looking to create videos or record footage from their screen, it is definitely a good idea to visit their website and see firsthand what they have to offer.

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