Mircogaming Releases EmotiCoin – A Staff Proposed Emoticon Game

ISLE OF MAN – An online gaming company called Microgaming is changing the way that many think of the online gaming world. Microgaming recently released a game called “EmotiCoins” that was developed by their staff. Since this game is the brainchild of many of Microgaming’s employees, one should expect it to be a well thought out and fun new game.

Mircogaming is a provider for online casino software that is based in the Isle of Man. They are a large supplier of online gaming software. Their prevalence in the online gaming market was born when they created the first true online casino software in 1994. Since then, they have not looked back. They run the gambit for platforms on which they operate, spanning from online casinos to mobile gaming software and they also have number game types they provide to their customers. They are not one trick ponies and offer games beyond the standard poker, bingo, etc – though they have these as well -.

The business prides itself on having some of the most creative games in online gaming. They have many titles that are currently being played and they have no plans on slowing down these creative and business efforts. The reason for their creative success also lies in their numerous years of collective online gaming experience.

The marriage between gaming experience and creative prowess is exemplified in one of their recently released games called “EmotiCoin.” It is a five wheel, 30 payline online slot that was originally an idea pitched by one of the company’s employees. It incorporates emoticons heavily into the game play. While some may wonder how seriously anyone could take a game with emoticons everywhere, the team is confident in their decision. They explain that many businesses bolster their online presence with emoticons. These are almost like a new dialect that can help everyone experience something similar without having to rely on language and cultural translations.

The numbers behind emoticons is impressive as well, further backing up the team’s decision. They have clearly done their research. Emoticons somehow transform mundane text into relatable and interactive experiences. Use of emoticons on Facebook and Twitter can also apparently increase the quality of engagement with posts.

The game itself looks fun and quick paced. It is colorful and has some surprises up its sleeves in the form of free spins and wildcard stickers. Their youtube video embedded on their site also shows a mock-up of what the game will look like while being played.

Check out their site here: https://www.microgaming.co.uk/

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