Looking For A New Uber? Think Chasyr…

There’s no question about how much Uber has grown over the recent years, and with their growth, many little Uber clones have sprouted. They can be well-implemented in some cities, and they may even offer better incentives to the drivers. However, there is nothing really different about them. So, why should you choose them instead of just using Uber, am I right?

Unless… there is a company that is coming in to shake up the entire game — Chasyr.

Chasyr is a company founded by ex-Uber driver Tommy Marquez. Tommy was mainly known in the ridesharing industry as someone that could sign up a ton of drivers at a national level. He did this for awhile around the same time that he was a driver. After that venture, he then got involved with a meta platform for commerce on the blockchain called Swarm City, also known as “the Craigslist of Ethereum.” This is where he is creating Chasyr.

So, what does Chasyr have to offer that is different than Uber?

First of all, they will be able to provide the kind of ride you never had with Uber. Let’s say that you need a ride in your area. Before you request a ride, you will be able to see all of the rides that a Chasyr has ever done successfully and choose one to come pick you up. You will get to make an offer to that driver or a few nearby as well, meaning NO SURGE pricing. But that’s not all… not even close…

On Chasyr, users will need to use tokens for rides. Similar to how one would use tokens for upgrades or purchases in the Pokemon Go app. The tokens used in Chasyr are a cryptocurrency called “SWT” that exist to specifically be used on the Swarm City meta platform where Chasyr will be hosted. An easier way to explain this concept is to imagine that instead of an app having it’s own token on the Apple store, Apple would have an Apple token you could use in any game app. This has benefits to it that Uber will never be able to match.

“Early adopters of Chasyr will be the pioneers of the brand and will need to be open to learning how to obtain SWT. We expect mass adoption to be hard at first because of this, but we will be here to teach everyone how to do so until we can integrate a cc card feature which automatically exchanges fiat for SWT for the users.” Tommy stated.

About those benefits I mentioned…

SWT is now about $3 per a token after starting at just .09 cents each. Once people start to use Chasyr, the price of SWT will continue to rise because of all the transactions happening with the token. To me, that beats any driver bonus Uber would ever offer. Chasyr gives you the opportunity to have a piece of the company just by holding SWT.

The most important benefit of using cryptocurrency instead of regular fiat is that it allows Chasyr to charge a very small fixed fee per ride instead of the 25% or 30% Uber takes from its drivers. That alone is a game changer.

If you are a driver and want to be a part of this amazing ridesharing startup that is just appearing, make sure to check out the Chasyr website to sign up.


Disclaimer: This is a sponsored post and does not necessarily reflect the opinions of any The Merkle employees. This is not investment or trading advice, always do your own independent research.