Bitcoin Micropayments Platform SatoshiPay Announces New API

London-based bitcoin micropayments firm SatoshiPay has released their new API (Application Programming Interface). SatoshiPay’s previous implementation only allowed WordPress integration, however, the new API will allow content authors on any platform to start receiving small digital currency payments for their works.

Meinhard Benn, Co-founder and CEO of SatoshiPay, explained in one of his blog posts:

“Using our API, developers of content management systems can write their own plugins and publishers can integrate nanopayments into their own bespoke back-end. With a bit of playing around, HTML coding folks can even sell content on static websites.”

Since launching their WordPress plugin in February of this year, SatoshiPay has received a great deal of feedback from developers and content creators on necessary improvements, which the company says it used in designing the new API.

While the company thus far has focused on catering to smaller content creators, the new API has also been designed to be usable in corporate and enterprise environments. According to the press release, SatoshiPay will be focusing the majority of its development efforts in this direction, “Developer and enterprise interest in SatoshiPay has been tremendous and this is the next step in our evolution” said Benn.

As Meinhard Benn puts it: SatoshiPay is not only looking to establish itself as a leader in the micro and nanopayments industry, but to create a “generic infrastructure for nanopayments”.  In today’s blog post, Meinhard Benn also gave a brief list of what SatoshiPay users can expect to see in the near future; support for different content types; account management via API; additional payment options; refund requests; low level API for payments.

SatoshiPay also announced that 10,000 users have wallets on the platform, which is a new milestone for the 20-month-old company.


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