Link Platform Introduces

Now that LNK Token is gaining traction, we at Ethereum Link are excited to announce that the launch of a dedicated Proof of Silver stake system serving for LNK Token, This will allow us to continue to connect anchors and to provide services and support for new and existing technologies, so as to develop tools and applications that make integration easier and provide functions within the link platform ecosystem.

Link was created with the goal of providing a bridge between traditional assets and blockchain technology, and is the result of that vision. Combining several technologies, LNK provides a versatile Proof of Silver stake system whereby each user is able to generate real, physical silver by staking LNK Tokens for a period of time in exchange for shipment of 0.999 silver bullion delivered directly to the end user. is forging real connections between users and their silver assets.

What is the relationship between Linksilver and Ethereum Link?

Both platforms respond to the same board and was developed as an extra feature to work within our Decentralized Trading Engine and LNKS Token.

In the words of Link CTO Alexander Dawson: “We believe that token users need to have a real value backing part of their tokens, was made to provide a bridge between every LNK holder and silver market in order to reduce risks associated to early stage crypto-currencies and assets, this is the first part of Link ecosystem that is being developed.”

Why should you stake the LNK Token?

Your LNK Token will generate revenue by itself.

To hedge crypto-currencies risk with a tangible asset class.

To hedge your digital portfolio with the asset class that you can store at the confort of your home.

To receive a very high profit amount from your initial investment by the sole fact of storing it.

To be a holder of silver, the most undervalued asset class with a very extreme potential of increasing its value in the short term.





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