Learn To Invest Safe And Profitably With Diamonds Capital

Cryptocurrency trading can be a complete minefield for the uninitiated. Even for veterans of the space, the volatile nature of cryptocurrencies can have a profound effect on profitability. Bitcoin 2018’s crypto crash and preceding bull run was a difficult pill to swallow for many traders. The collapse – which involved a 60% retrace within a month – nearly took out the entire crypto market. Regrettably, many traders decided to ignore the plethora of indicators that may have otherwise lessened the impact.

Of course, explosive price swings aren’t the only problem facing crypto-traders today. One of the many issues with trading directly on exchanges is the lack of security. A report from researchers of the University of Cambridge revealed that as of 2018, $1.5 billion had been stolen from crypto exchanges. A figure that is no doubt higher in 2019.

The Diamonds Capital Solution

Looking to remedy both of these issues is UK based asset fund manager, Diamonds Capital. Verified by the UK state registry, Diamonds Capital grants investors a safe and autonomous alternative to trading on crypto exchanges.


Designed by CEO Robert Clarkson, Diamonds Capital’s established trading robot employs a chart recognition scanner to complete trades automatically. This novel approach negates the often obstructive effects of human emotion.

Emotions run higher within the cryptocurrency market than any other industry – simply due to the inexperience of its traders. By contrast, Diamonds Capital’s trading bot is bound by proven algorithmic strategies that defy the cut-and-run nature of human sentiment.

The strategies themselves are based on the triple and double exponential moving averages (TEMA and (DEMA). These help distinguish effective entry positions and exit points, enabling the bot to competently asses the market and respond swiftly to price swings.

The cryptorobot has undergone a stringent 12-month testing phase, which mimicked the exact conditions of the cryptocurrency market. According to Diamonds Capital, investors can reap a profit of up to 3.5% in just one day by using their proprietary trading bot.

Deposit plans include USD, Bitcoin, and Ethereum. The exclusive start plan is a 30-day plan which yields 1.50% ROI from just $20 deposit. The highest USD plan – the Diamond Capital plan – is a 40-day program that provides a 2.50% ROI, from a deposit of $15,000.

ETH and BTC plans are much the same, with minimum deposits ranging from 0.01 BTC /  1 ETH to a maximum of 2 BTC / 100 ETH.

The Affiliate Program

Asset management isn’t the only avenue for investment within Diamonds Capital. The company also offers an affiliate marketing program, providing an opportunity for partners to earn passive income by promoting the Diamonds capital platform.


Under the affiliate scheme, active partners build-up through 10 levels. Each level requires a certain amount of turnover in order to reach it, offering a higher percentage of income in return.

Clients start from Glass level or level 1, receiving 7% for every referral partner’s deposit. Red Diamond is the highest level, requiring $25,000,000 in turnover, and delivering a massive 25% interest income from each partner referred to the platform. Active partners yield the highest rewards. Those who onboard more clients – and motivate their partners to do the same – will profit greatly.

Diamonds Capital takes asset management to the next level by integrating state-of-the-art technology with modern marketing, allowing for a safe and profitable investment platform.

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