Launched in November, WeRaise advertising agency boosts ICOs with fresh approach in banner ad and press releases placing.

WeRaise started operation on Nov 1st 2017. Website:

WeRaise is a specialized agency offering marketing services for ICO projects including banner advertising, professional video production, PR services, social media marketing, and other powerful tools to successfully boost an ICO launch.

Each ICO project is unique. WeRaise offers the best selection of marketing services which are expertly tailored to each project. Every campaign is tracked and fine-tuned for optimal performance.

WeRaise is new. But the team behind it is not. The core team comes from a background in traditional digital advertising, with 20 years of experience in banner advertising, SEM, SEO and SMM, working with global brands like Samsung, Asus, Bayer, Kraft, Budweiser and Motorola. This advertising experience is combined with the expertise of numerous crypto-currency professionals with a background in ICO marketing.

Our team has conducted research into the crypto blockchain ecosystem, collected detailed information about important sites and potentially effective traffic sources and conducted test campaigns to study the effectiveness of various approaches.

Our ICO marketing specialists bring years of experience of successful and unsuccessful strategies to the table and allow us to work according to industry best practices. Our approaches, marketing mix, messages and key advantages are tried and tested, and ready to use.

Our banner advertising and press release placement services for ICO projects are ready to go at the touch of a button. Find out more at

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