Largo on- and off-chain solutions

Even though today’s technological capacity has allowed us to optimize most risks faced in small and mid-sized businesses, there is still harm dealt to both the seller’s and the buyer’s sides of any trade.

One of the fastest-paced developing and lucricious markets for both large enterprises and sole-proprietorships is e-commerce; with its total volume exceeding several trillion dollars, and world’s top giant companies rivaling for every share of it, the technological growth of the industry remains one of the most impressive. At the same time, one can observe that still fortunes are lost monthly and annually due to fraud and/or disagreement, especially in cross-border trade.

This is the problem Largo Coin aims to solve: we offer every buyer and seller to mitigate their operational risks by incorporating Largo Escrow into their transactions. Applying Largo services will increase financial security during transfers. Every trade can be processed through Largo Platform Escrow: a buyer of a product can acquire the necessary amount of LRG to pay the seller, then the two parties sign a contract on the platform and the buyer deposits the sum of LRGs to the escrow account. In this case the escrow service guarantees that the contract conditions will be met before the payment is processed further; besides, the seller is assured there is no chargeback from the buyer’s side.

The greatest advantage of Largo Coin is that it has been tailored for instant B2B and C2C multiplatform and cross-border transactions; thus, it allows users from various ecosystems to operate with their customers risk-free in any location or line of business.