KoCurrency Takes Aim at Bitcoin Price Predictions For 2017 & Beyond

KoCurrency is a project that hopes to maximize investor profits and returns by utilizing data and proof instead of claim based trading. Rather than having to decide which crypto investor is right about the next big pump in an assets value based on their Twitter following, KoCurrency platform users can view trades and trade history to help them decide which investors they want to draw inspiration from.

The New Platform is Currently Onboarding Beta Testers

This new platform is in the process of beta testing right now, and is allowing new investors to join. The goal of the platform is to help investors with the Darwinian algorithm that KoCurrency has built. They claim this can separate trading signals from noise and uncover what they call “super predictors.” Super predictors are those who have a particularly good eye for spotting the next big moves in the crypto markets.

Their Darwinian algorithm essentially helps create a proof-based model for the platform. When traders post their trading data, the algorithm compares the data to market and determines the value and accuracy of those trades. Trades and that do well are selected for, and trades that do poorly are selected against. This means that average or below average traders can copy and learn from traders who have high values associated with their predictions.

A refreshing aspect of this project is that it is not just another ICO with a whitepaper, an Token to be pushed, and no working product yet. The Platform is operational, but still in beta testing. Still, this puts it further ahead in development than many projects and ICOs on the market today.

KoCoins Fuel the Platform and Intelligence Tokens Fuel Growth

For anyone interested in this project, they will need to have some KoCoins. Accessing the channels -the areas of the platforms with all the juicy trading information- require KoCoins as a key to entry. Here, cryptocurrency price predictions are posted, including coin specific ones like Bitcoin price predictions.

There are also what are called Intelligence Tokens which are awarded for trading data being posted and pledging -being right- Intelligence through intelligence contracts.  Intelligence Contracts are simple yes or no questions about the current market where Intelligence Tokens are wagered. If the trader answers correctly, they earn Intelligence Tokens. If they answer incorrectly, they lose intelligence tokens. This helps in determining who is most knowledgeable about the market and which traders are worth following.

KoCurrency Wants You to Try It Out

KoCurrency is proud of their work and truly thinks traders will benefit greatly from the platform. They are currently offering new users a free KoCoin to unlock the platforms channels and see how it all works. Should the user enjoy the platform or find it valuable, they have the ability to purchase more KoCoins by participating in the Initial Token Injection and earn Intelligence Tokens by participating in Intelligence Contracts on the platform.

KoCurrency Homepage: https://www.kocurrency.com/

Join KoCurrency: https://www.kocurrency.com/join-the-project/

Disclaimer: This is a sponsored post and does not necessarily reflect the opinions of any The Merkle employees. This is not investment or trading advice, always do your own independent research.