K. Varalen has plans for opening a new broker Capital Markets

The owner of the international company Varalen Trading Corp. (VTC) K. Varalen shared his plans for the upcoming years during and interview. He said that over the years his team has achieved excellent results in developing software for leading prime brokers in the Forex industry and now has plans to launch own broker.

Presenting the strategy for developing a new business, he defined the name of his offspring as “Capital Markets”, explaining that the company will not legally become part of the brand of Varalen Trading Corp., but will be an independent organization. It is already known that the head office will be located in Hong Kong, and the executive team will include experienced exchange specialists and analysts. Main concept for the broker will be based, just as in VTC, on open and loyal policy.

Mr. Varalen stressed that he has all the necessary technological resources. In particular, he focused on innovative transaction processing technology – an ECN system that guarantees direct communication with liquidity providers and high execution speed.

“I have always seen the prospect of business development in this direction. The forex market is surprising in its essence, as it opens huge opportunities for investments. However, it requires deep knowledge, because not having them means to lose from the start. Me and my team has been working work in the sphere of trading solutions development for many years, and it [gave] us invaluable experience. It is important to say that we not only help IB brokers to solve problems with the trading process, but also analyze each individual problem in order to prevent it from appearing in the future. So, Capital Markets specialists are well-informed, armed, and will offer our future traders competitive terms of cooperation, “said the owner of Varalen Trading Corp. K.Varalen.

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