Join the Whitelist and Earn a 70% Bonus and Get Early-Access to the CoinStarter ICO

The first-of-its-kind ICO crowdfunding platform CoinStarter launched their whitelist which ends prior to their pre-ICO on January 6th 2017, giving participants a 70% bonus plus early access to their highly-anticipated ICO. The innovative platform has already gathered a community of 140,000 loyal ICO enthusiasts and had the platform in beta testing for over three months. This is something you don’t see very often. Usually ICOs can only show a rough roadmap of their project and a short whitepaper, but not CoinStarter.

CoinStarter launched registrations to the whitelist to its ICO, giving users an early-access to the pre-ICO as well as a 70% bonus on the purchase. This allows members of the whitelist to buy StarterCoins with a substantial discount and ahead of everyone else.

Participants who make a purchase of 1 ETH or more during the pre-ICO will also receive 2 years of free CoinStarterBox. Subscribers of CoinStarterBox receive carefully selected coins from the best ICOs every month, making it fun and easy to find new promising ICOs.

Imagine receiving coins every month that have the potential of becoming the next Bitcoin or Ethereum, or coming back to your CoinStarterBox account after some time and finding out that you had received some coins that have grown tens or hundreds of times in value.

In addition to being a coin of value, StarterCoin has many other functions. Businesses can use them to take advantage of the wide variety of tools provided by the platform and launch their ICO, manage their business through Businefy, and gain exposure and reach a dedicated audience through CoinStarterBox. Regular users can back promising ICOs and be a part of the CoinStarterBox solutions, receiving promising coins every month.

The limited amount of StarterCoin’s issued and the fact that these coins have more use cases than being just a symbol of value, ensures a steady growth in value and also proves to be a valuable asset for every business-minded person.

The CoinStarter pre-ICO launches on the 6th of January, 2018. The ICO starts on the 20th of January and lasts till 17th of February. Reserving a place in the pre-ICO through the whitelist will give supporters an amazing opportunity to get a head start to the pre-ICO and receive a considerable bonus on the purchase of StarterCoins.

Places on the whitelist can be accessed here:

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