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Javvy Pre-ICO to Ignite a Crypto Revolution

As a “virtual asset,” cryptocurrency appeals to anyone who is looking for an alternative currency, store of value, investment vehicle, or trading resource. While cryptocurrency may be viewed skeptically by the risk-averse, due to its volatility, even conservative investors will “buy-in” to diversify their portfolios and spread the risk among a much larger pool of investors.

The main problems facing would-be crypto buyers are:

  • Too many choices, most of which are web-based, insecure, or missing key features
  • Lack of support for all major cryptocurrencies and tokens
  • Lack of an adequate focus on proper customer service
  • Very low limits or a cumbersome on-boarding process that is slow and frustrating

Many people are still unaware that a well-designed, feature rich wallet is essential to maximizing the usefulness of cryptocurrencies. The Javvy crypto solution is being built by a very strong team of security, compliance, regulatory, and coding professionals. It is intended to finally bring cryptocurrency to the mainstream by giving users “the easy button” for buying crypto, using it in the real world, and storing it safely. The Javvy wallet prototype is planned for release during the pre-ICO campaign.

Anyone, who is frustrated with the current process to buy and sell cryptocurrencies, should buy Javvy tokens in order to fund the Javvy team and kickstart the Javvy crypto solution! Let’s make using crypto easy for everyone, while creating demand for the Javvy token!


Many crypto projects claim to be bringing crypto to the mainstream, but every one of them have failed to address all of the issues sufficiently. The Javvy team came together to share its knowledge and experience, leading to the realization that users do not need to know about crypto exchanges. What they do need is secure storage, secure access, and an easy way to buy and sell all major cryptocurrencies along with popular tokens in one comprehensive application that “just works.”

In order to make the process of buying crypto faster and easier, the Javvy team has made great strides to address regulation roadblocks and exchange dilemmas that have plagued other providers. Javvy’s regulation-centric approach requires registration only when buying or selling crypto, or when using their Javvy international debit card. Send, receive, and convert operations require no registration. With each person’s security in mind, no user’s private information will be stored on Javvy servers, leaving “nothing for hackers to steal.” Additionally, Javvy’s exchange nurtures a fully-functional crypto-to-fiat and fiat-to-crypto conversion; not just a tethered coin, but a real solution to buy and sell using national currencies.

In a world where many businesses fall short of the customer satisfaction mark, Javvy management aims to provide the best user experience possible. Users will have access to easy-to-read support documentation as well as live support on the Javvy website, by phone, or directly from the app. The dedicated men and women that make up the Javvy support team are trained to translate the complex language of crypto into layman’s terms to further facilitate mass adoption.

The Javvy (JVY) token will be used by the wallet for buy and sell transactions, which will act as an intermediary layer (patent pending). It will be immediately converted to avoid volatility, but will effectively reduce cryptocurrency reserve requirements, allowing for the easy addition of new coins and tokens supported by the Javvy wallet. The successful launch of Javvy will serve to further the development of the wallet, advanced features, national currency reserves, salaries, and marketing.

Javvy Pre-ICO Campaign Details

Many will be unable to participate in the upcoming ICO, because buying any reasonable amount of ETH is currently difficult and riddled with delays. Therefore, Javvy will launch a pre-ICO offering as follows:

ICO Start Date: 10/15/2017 @ 13:00:00 UTC

ICO End Date: 10/31/2017 @ 13:00:00 UTC

Bonus Offers:

  • During pre-ICO: 15% bonus tokens
  • First 500 Contributors: 50% OFF buy and sell fees via the Javvy wallet, for one year.
  • Single Contribution > USD $1.5 million: 50% OFF buy and sell fees via the Javvy wallet, for life.
  • Single Contribution > USD $5 million: 75% OFF buy and sell fees via the Javvy wallet, for life.
  • Single Contribution > USD $10 million: 100% OFF buy and sell fees via the Javvy wallet, for life.

Currencies Accepted: USD

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Upcoming Javvy ICO Campaign Details

Name: Javvy

Token: JVY

Max Funding Cap: 2,000,000 ETH*

ICO Start Date: 11/01/2017 @ 13:00:00 UTC

ICO End Date: 11/15/2017 @ 13:00:00 UTC

Token Total Supply: Exact amount will be decided by contribution.

Currencies Accepted: ETH

*High enough to avoid “fastest clicker” issues and allow everyone to participate.

NOTE: DO NOT send ANY currency to ANYONE that contacts you claiming to be associated with Javvy or the Javvy ICO. Javvy will never contact users, directly, with offers. Instead, be sure to carefully type or copy the Javvy URL,, into the browser and obtain the ETH address from the Javvy ICO page.

Legal Disclaimers:

For more ways to get involved, view Javvy’s profile on Fundable.

Javvy is soon-to-be the leader in Crypto FinTech for securely buying, selling, converting, using, and managing all major cryptocurrencies in a comprehensive application. For more details or to contact Javvy, please reach out to Frank Grogan, CMO, via the website or by phone: +1.888.763.6797.

Source: Javvy Technologies Ltd.

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