Is There a Difference Between Playing With Real Money and Virtual Money?

Here’s a quick question: have you ever played online slots or any other casino games using virtual currencies or digital money? Or, better yet, do you know what makes gambling with virtual money different from playing with real money? If you aren’t really sure what the perks of virtual money gambling would and how it’s different to real money gaming, why not stick around for a while? We’re about to break it down for you.

Real Money Gambling vs. Digital Currency Gambling Laws

One thing is certain: online gambling using real money is simply not legal everywhere. The laws on gambling are strict in general and they vastly differ from country to country, so what you need to do at all times is be sure to know (and double check!) what your country’s specific laws have to say about gambling and how you should go about it. To sound entirely apocalyptic – failing to do so could result in catastrophic consequences.

However, here’s what gambling with digital currencies does: it makes the whole ordeal a lot simpler. Namely, oftentimes laws that apply to real money gambling are just not the same laws that apply to virtual money gambling. That means that those casino games that can be played using digital money let you buy those currencies using real money, but the process of playing is done only with virtual cash which in turn makes lives of numerous gaming operators and online casinos a lot easier. Pesky gambling laws and regulations get bypassed, a lot of people are happy. Simple as that.

Using Virtual Money for Safety Reasons

What’s more, players will often choose virtual money over real money gambling due to (in)security reasons. Pardon our pun. Virtual money – especially in the form of casino bonuses and Free Spins – is a preferred choice of various newbies when first starting out with iGaming mostly because they aren’t really sure if they’re ready to start spending their own hard-earned money. Naturally, they turn to virtual cash – free of charge, no less! – and they feel much safer playing with something ‘free’ and ‘unreal’.

Plus, playing with digital money is a great way to find out just what the iGaming hype is all about. You get to keep all of your money too, right?

Casino veterans know better. While bonuses and Free Spins are just as popular with experienced players, they usually know that casino bonuses are hardly as good as they seem. Our advice is that, no matter if you’re a newcomer or a slot expert, you always take some time to read up on each free cash bonus you come across. Never skip over details like wagering requirements, minimum deposit and maximum cashout amounts and bonus expiration dates and you shouldn’t have any trouble gambling with bonuses and Free Spins.

It’s all in the fine print, folks! Just because it says it’s free, doesn’t mean it truly is. Terms and Conditions are your friend and they will explain everything in great detail. Once you’ve got the knowledge – whether it’s regarding your country’s gaming laws or a casino bonus’ playthrough requirements – you’ll be all set.

Disclaimer: This is a sponsored press release and does not necessarily reflect the opinions of any The Merkle employees. This is not investment or trading advice, always do your own independent research.