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Is Bitto The Next Possible Kucoin, Binance?

Bitto is an upcoming ICO that has been in the dark until very recently. Finding this gem has opened up a whole lot of possibilities to its potential. Binance has went up over 100x since its ICO days and Kucoin while just recently bringing its exchange up has also gone up 25x on their original ICO price. This is a show of proof of how Exchange ICO’s which are lucrative by nature is still very much in demand. So how will Bitto improve on the existing behemoths that has made so much for their initial investors?

By providing a one stop solution in the form of Lending, Staking, Trading and Signal Trading. One aspect that stands to solve a real issue is the Bitto Lending Platform. How does Lending work?. For Miners, and Hodlers there has always been an issue of having liquidity to fund their everyday lifestyle field by cryptocurrency. This can now be solved with using Bitto Exchange. While Lenders get to earn interest rates, Hodlers of cryptocurrency will always benefit more by keeping their cryptocurrency against fiat local currency.

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  1. Scenario 1 – Crypto User A keeps his cryptocurrency and takes a loan. 3 Months later Bitto increases from $1 to $20. Crypto User A’s $1000 worth of Bitto coins is now worth $20,000. All this while paying a loan of up to 18% P.A for a loan of $700.
  2. Scenario 2 – Crypto User B Sells his cryptocurrency when it reaches $2, because he needed money, he sold all his Bitto Tokens. He had a total of $2,000 in cash. But 3 months later, that $2,000 did not grow in value, in fact because of inflation, his $2,000 has depreciated in value.

Bitto platform also provides a secure method that is simple and safe for both lenders and borrower. Borrowers get point systems that rewards them for paying on time. Lenders will be secured by the cryptocurrency backed loan of the borrower. So in the event the Borrower is not able to pay back, Borrowers cryptocurrency will be compensated to the lender to cover the lenders capital. Lenders are also required to buy Bitto tokens as an entry point to Bitto lending facility. So, If bitto tokens are $1, and they bought $1000 worth of bitto tokens, Lender will be able to lend up to $1000. But if Bitto tokens increases to $21, Lender will be able to then lend up to $21,000. This works really well to provide appreciation value to Bitto Tokens. Find out more about Bitto here at or join their telegram at

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