Is AMFEIX The Solution to Crypto Trading?, the pioneering pseudo-anonymous blockchain investment fund based on smart contracts, offers investors a platform to pool their digital assets. The company manages financial incentives to make profits for its members while trading and investing these cryptocurrencies in the digital marketplace. 

Any new investor in AMFEIX Fund must create a wallet. The wallet, which is built on the Ethereum network—a completely decentralized network, is made to ensure that no government, central bodies or regulatory authorities can access and influence your funds. The AMFEIX wallet is one of the most important components of the Fund since all the investors can make deposits, withdrawals, and track any changes to their finances through the wallet.

Investing is a daunting task for any beginner. While managing your digital assets and protecting your AMFEIX account is a relatively easy task once you get acquainted with the fund and how it works, it can be a scary task for new investors. The freedom of being your own bank can be an exciting experience for most, especially our more experienced investors but, for those coming into this new world of cryptocurrencies, it may not be as easy. 

AMFEIX is a pacesetter in the crypto world and, in the same regard, the fund boasts of adopting the best security features to ensure that investors’ accounts are well secured. It remains transparent and ensures maximum security by guaranteeing that all accounts are protected by seed keys.

What Exactly Are Seed Keys?

Seed keys are a combination of 12 phrases that are used to protect your AMFEIX wallet as well as to recover your account in case of loss or compromise. They are of the utmost importance to your wallet’s security as they are used to link up your account and the device used for logging in the first time. In order to ensure maximum security, these seed keys are also used together with an 8-character password. 

Failure to capture and enter these keys correctly would lead to you (the investor) being locked out of your crypto funds and denied access to your AMFEIX wallet. AMFEIX encourages all its investors to ensure that these 12 words are written down in a safe place, where they wouldn’t risk losing them.

Although writing down the seed keys is one sure way of keeping them safe, they also suggest engraving the keys on metallic cards, storing them safely in a safe, or deposit box and memorizing them.  

Avoid storing these keys in your computers, Google Drive, any electronic notepads, apps, Dropbox, the cloud, or any devices that are linked to the web as you run the risk of these keys falling into the hands of unscrupulous web users.

Protect Your Money While You Invest with AMFEIX 

Seed keys are the secret to your funds and are vital in protecting your money while investing with AMFEIX. Just as with any passwords or PINs used to protect fiat currency, it is important to ensure they are well memorized, properly stored and most importantly, do not share them with anyone. It is very unfortunate for one to lose money due to their own inattentiveness and especially for new investors coming into AMFEIX.

Therefore, be vigilant. Take great care of your seed keys, as they are quite important on the platform.

Disclosure: This is a sponsored press release