iPayYou Launches the World’s Easiest, Safest and Most Useful Bitcoin Wallet

With its ease of use and historically low costs, the new iPayYou wallet is set to redefine bitcoin as a payment method for everyday consumers

ipayyouMay 3, 2016 – New York, NY – iPayYou, a Seattle-based company aiming to make Bitcoin simple, yesterday launched the World’s Easiest, Safest and Most Useful Bitcoin Wallet for consumers. The iPayYou wallet, which boasts never-before-seen features, is designed to make bitcoin a desired payment method for everyone.

The iPayYou wallet lets users hold, buy, sell, send, and receive bitcoin with historically low costs through its simple and secure website, with all of the user’s funds kept in their own personal bitcoin account.

Unlike other bitcoin wallets on the market, the iPayYou wallet enables consumers to cancel transactions, should a mistake be made in the payment process, and send payments via email without the need for the recipient to have a pre-created bitcoin account.

Founder and CEO Gene Kavner, the former Amazon Executive and the Worldwide Director of Amazon Associates, the world’s largest affiliate program, previously held prominent positions at Microsoft and Expedia and founded multiple successful technology businesses. With this experience, Gene founded iPayYou in response to an overwhelming need for a simple bitcoin wallet with easy-to-use features and low costs aimed directly at the everyday consumer.

“Our aim from the beginning was to create a consumer-friendly bitcoin wallet that is intuitive and secure. Consumer technology continues to improve but for most people, payment methods have been stuck in the past. That’s why our team has developed the easiest way ever to get access to Bitcoin’s revolutionary technology. Our team comes from a background of creating extraordinary consumer products at a global level and we are bringing all of this experience to provide a bitcoin wallet that truly matches their needs.”

“It is only the beginning for the iPayYou wallet with numerous additional never-before-seen features to be announced over the coming months. Our vision is to make bitcoin the most accessible and user-friendly currency with consumers worldwide considering bitcoin as a desirable payment method,” Kavner added.

In addition to the currently available web-based wallet, iPayYou will release its wallet on both iOS and Android platforms in the coming months.

For more information visit www.ipayyou.io


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About iPayYou:

iPayYou is a Seattle-based company aiming to make Bitcoin simple with the World’s Easiest, Safest and Most Useful Bitcoin Wallet for consumers. The secure and simple wallet enables its users to buy, sell, send and receive bitcoin while also boasting never-before-seen features catering directly to consumer needs.