InWeCrypto Establishing Strategic Cooperation With HyperDragons

InWeCrypto announced it will establish cooperation with HyperDragons with an aim to fulfill their promises, that is, to open the world of blockchain apps for users and realize secure and convenient exchange and management of multiple assets so that users can easily use multi-asset management apps.

HyperDragons is a digital collectible developed on Ethereum smart contracts. Users can buy and sell dragons with ethers. Each dragon is unique with adorable or cool appearance and unique value for collection. Also, users can train their dragons to be stronger by having them battle with others, which makes this digital collectible valuable for collection.

DST and the NFT asset Dragons of HyperDragons can be stored in InWeCrypto wallet. Sale and transaction of Dragons can also be made on InWeCrypto which is a cross-functional platform that offers asset management and transaction.

In the future, news about HyperDragons and information about its community will be updated on InWeCrypto. Through strategic cooperation with InWeCrypto which is a media site of blockchain news and a multi-asset wallet, HyperDragons will transform data collection of digital assets in blockchain games and the way digital assets are tokenized.

InWeCrypto is a multi-functional app that offers news of blockchain projects and management of tokens and NFT assets. Users can manage their digital assets on InWeCrypto which provides multi-asset wallets for tokens of projects that will be updated in the future so that users can transact digital assets on InWeCrypto.

Also, InWeCrypto is an open marketing platform that offers ERC20 red packet for users. InWeCrypto will become the place where blockchain apps flourish and activate the new market of digital wallets.

The two will cooperate in more areas, such as brand promotion, operation and marketing, and blockchain technology. With the support in digital assets access and operation & marketing from InWeCrypto and the influence of HyperDragons in the blockchain VR industry, the two will support each other to promote the blockchain gaming industry, advance technical progress, and lead the construction of blockchain ecosystem.
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