Investors Flock To Sparkle Coin Driving Coin Value To $35 While Still In ICO

Sparkle Coin the highly transactable cryptocurrency has reached $35 in value with no signs of slowing down while still in its ICO. Sparkle Coin allows users to purchase goods and services with major retailers like Amazon, Target, Walmart, Bed Bath and Beyond, and Wayfair using cryptocurrency through their proprietary VCoin Mall. Sparkle Coin launched their ICO starting at $5 and has increased to $35 per coin as investors flock to the offering.

Sparkle Coin is unique for the ICO marketplace because it’s a fully developed blockchain product. In conjunction with their VCoin Mall, Sparkle Coin has also developed a cryptocurrency payment gateway that can be deployed to any e-commerce site. This allows merchants to accept cryptocurrency but receive those funds in fiat currency. The gateway has a built in exchange to automatically convert crypto to fiat if the merchant chooses to do so. VCoin Exchange, an advanced currency exchange will also allow Sparkle Coin to be traded for other crypto currencies as well as fiat. Founded by business and technology veterans, Sparkle Coin is designed to be a part of a new economic ecosphere, built on a solid foundation of proven business fundamentals essential for real-world transactions.  

Sparkle Coin is a hybrid cryptocurrency possessing the best qualities of both POW (Proof of work) and POS (Proof of stake), providing rapid adoption through mining of Sparkle Coin as well as long-term sustainability through minting.

Together, Sparkle Coin, VCoin Exchange and make up a unique economic ecosphere that connects the latest blockchain technologies with existing business platforms and networks to drive adoption of cryptocurrencies for real business transactions.

Sparkle Coin’s hybrid POW and POS algorithm is the latest technology for cryptocurrency, providing a rapid ramp up of miners and subsequently processing power for the network to create extremely powerful encryption and accelerated transaction processing.

Sparkle Coin is the only company in the blockchain and cryptocurrency world to incorporate a fund set aside for the operation of the company for 100 years. In addition, the public will be able to mine for approximately 1,000 Sparkle Coins a day for the same 100-year period to further increase the size and stability of the network. This approach, along with minting, creates stability, longevity and managed growth.

Sparkle Coin bridges the gap between cryptocurrencies and traditional business by creating an economic ecosphere comprised of a cryptocurrency, transacted through a powerful currency exchange, with an outward facing cryptocurrency payment gateway allowing virtually any merchant to accept cryptocurrency though an online shopping mall or directly on their own website.

The price of the Sparkle Coin currency has already spiked above $35 based on volume purchased not market speculation so get over to the Sparkle Coin website now to secure your coins before the ICO ends on December 21st.


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