Investors Buckle Up as the Bytus Token Pre-Sale Closes In

The Bytus ecosystem promises to ensure the revival of cryptocurrency. With the pre-sale of Bytus token right around the corner, investors are more optimistic than ever.

The long-awaited presale of the Bytus token will finally go live on May 5, 2019. Investors have had their eyes long set on the Bytus token. The presale will be the first step into a future that will see cryptocurrency taking over as the medium of exchange.

The idea and the technology that is backing the Bytus project is something that has put everyone in the cryptocurrency market on notice. “For the first time since its rise, we have had a company that has shown real seriousness about the applications of cryptocurrencies. We have seen other companies talk about bringing a revolution, but are yet to see anything meaningful from them.” said an expert at a major fintech startup. “The Bytus project will pioneer this revolution in crypto. I am sure that the moment the presale goes live, it will send tremors throughout the financial market,” he added.

What makes the Bytus project so special?
There are hundreds of reasons that make Bytus standout. But what we are looking forward to the most are their Private Blockchain Network and their mobile app-based cryptocurrency wallet.

The private blockchain network that Bytus will introduce is based on the graphene chain protocol. The blockchain is characterized by all the features offered by blockchain systems with the added benefit of high-level security and excessive throughput. It will allow the completion of transactions using crypto a matter of seconds. The blueprint of the plan laid out by Bytus certainly provides the theoretical proof of everything we need to believe in the potential of Global Digital Payment’s Bytus project.

Apart from the PBN, the second standout feature of the Bytus ecosystem is their mobile app-based wallet. Users will be able to store their crypto wealth in it to carry out transactions. With Bytus’ network of more than 2000 major retailers that is growing as we speak, the usability of crypto as a medium of exchange will finally be witnessed on a larger scale than we have ever seen.

Other than this the Bytus cryptobank will allow for the instant conversion of crypto into fiat without incurring huge transaction costs.

Lace up your boots for the Bytus token presale

Mark your calendars for 5th May, when the token’s presale goes live and 10 million Bytus tokens become available for purchase. The presale will follow the alpha releases of the BPN and the mobile wallet. At this rate, we expect the future to arrive at a pace much faster than we anticipated.

Disclosure: This is a sponsored press release