International Boosteroid Project Starts ICO on October 23

The international project Boosteroid starts ICO on October 23 and intends to squeeze giants of computing power rental market such as Google, Amazon and Microsoft.

Today the prices of cloud computing services offered by market leaders — Amazon, Microsoft, Google — are very high, so this service is still the privilege of the “elite”. This is what spurred experts to create Boosteroid.

«Computing power rental price is a problem for many users, — explains Boosteroid founder Ivan Shvaichenko, — We decided to remove this obstacle».

There will be three stages of Boosteroid ICO.

«We decided to divide ICO in three parts because there is no need in receiving the total amount of investments at once.

We will use the funds raised after the first ICO stage to setup electricity connection, getting the premises prepared to the setup and launch of computing powers, purchase of the first facilities and further software development to provide convenient access to computing resources.

Funds raised after the second ICO stage will be used to buy and set up the equipment to start our computing facilities.

Funds raised after the third stage will be used to further expand computing power of our project.  BTR token will be available at the main cryptocurrency exchanges after the second ICO stage», – noted Boosteroid founder.

The first ICO stage begins at 9:00 (CET) on October 23 and ends at 21:00 (CET) on November 6, 2017. ICO can be completed ahead of schedule if the necessary amount of investments is attracted. The starting price of 1 BTR token is $0.48, the final price is $0.58. Investors will be able to exchange cryptocurrency for a total of 100 000 000 BTR tokens.

The next 700,000,000 BTR tokens will be available during two following ICO stages:

  • from November 27 to December 11, 2017. The total number of BTR tokens: 300,000,000. The starting price of 1 BTR token is $1.08, the final price is $1.38
  • from January 15, 2017 to February 15, 2018. The total number of BTR tokens: 400,000,000. The starting price of 1 BTR token is $1.88, the final price is $2.78

The collected funds will be used to create computing power and system software, to develop the BooStore application store and also for marketing and PR.

Boosteroid successfully completed the pre-ICO and sold 2,000,000 BTR tokens. The pre-sale of BTR tokens began at 09:00 (CET) on September 22. It was planned that the pre-ICO would end on September 29, 2017, but, thanks to investors, it lasted only a few hours. The starting price of 1 BTR was $0.1, the final price was $0.47.

Boosteroid is a cloud services platform that provides convenient access to computing power, storage, software products and other functionality.

The project will allow to abandon expensive personal computers in favor of a powerful remote service with a user-friendly interface and a simple management. A computer is able to carry out a variety of tasks in the “cloud” – from working with texts to analyzing DNA.

Thank to the lowest rental on the computing power market Boosteroid will become available to every user of the World Wide Web.

To make a work with a cloud convenient our team will develop a user-friendly interface with quick and easy access to Boosteroid services.

Project participants also plan to develop BooStore application store, where it will be possible to buy applications or download them for free and install on a cloud computer.

But there’s even more to come: Boosteroid team intends to contribute to the future, so we will provide free 10% of our capacities for artificial intelligence projects addressing the issues of aging. Criteria for selection of startups to be provided with our powers will be set after the first ICO stage.

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White Paper

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  • Ross

    Many people are afraid of new projects and thus dont earn them. Fear in business is not the best assistant. I see information about the Boosteroid in many forums. I think this will be a powerful project if it is implemented and all the stages of ICO will be successful. Its true – the prices for services market leaders – Amazon, Microsoft, Google are very high. I will be glad to find a replacement for them.

  • Arnold

    I saw articles about this project on many websites. And basically, people write only positive comments about it. And I join them.

  • Collins Birch

    good project for investment
    I myself don’t need such power but i can re-sell their output over time.

    The demand for rent of cloud computing is constantly growing, and their price is much lower than that of Amazon and others. The more that colloquial tokens are limited!

    this greatly affects the growth of currency growth

  • Wendy Taylor

    if you don’t need the power, you can re-sell their output over time.

    The demand for rent of cloud computing is constantly growing, and their price is much lower than that of Amazon and others. The more that colloquial tokens are limited!
    This always has a positive effect on currency growth

    And generally speaking, there are many factors for growth, read the white paper, everything is clear.

  • Fred Dyson

    If you want to invest in a new project, I think it’s not enough to read the white paper.
    There must be an understanding: how to make money on this?
    I don’t have one

    • Lewis

      Boosteroid is able to perform many tasks in the “cloud” – from working with texts to DNA analysis.
      But if you do not need strength, you can re-sell their products over time.

      Demand for rental of cloud computing is constantly growing, and their price is much lower than that of Amazon and others. The more conversational tokens are limited!
      There are many factors for growth, and therefore many factors for earning an investment

  • David Gibbs

    People to take part in this project.
    It’s like buying shares from a business that is developing
    people use Amazon, because there are no cheaper analogues.
    And Amazon can’t put the price lower, because they charge so much!
    it will not be profitable for him.

    That’s why they created a Boosteroid!)
    To make these capacities available to every user of the World Wide Web, not just big data companies.

    Due to our own architecture and constant capacity utilization, the cost of cloud computing is significantly reduced. Therefore, they will be able to provide the service at a price much lower than offered by leading market players.

    Guys are real fellows and created a really relevant and progressive project!

    Respecting them for it

    • Ross

      I already wrote on one forum that: Total expenses of users working “in the cloud” reached $209,2 billion in 2016, whereas in 2015 the number was $175 billion, according to the American consulting firm Gartner.
      Thus, users’ expenses increased by $35 billion within a year. Considering analysts’ forecasts expenses for a cloud are to reach approximately $246,8 billion in 2017 and will exceed $380 billion by 2020.
      This proves that this is an advantageous investment

  • Lewis

    Next ICO

    You know, it’s hard to say whether it’s worth investing in the crypto currency. But depending on how their market develops, I think it’s worth it.

    If the project bears the prospect of growth, then this is a very profitable transaction

    I consider to receive not only interest from the deposit, but at the same time earning on the growth of the crypto currency is not a bad prospect.

    • Kris

      To decide whether it is worth investing your own money in cryptourrency or not, you need to understand what financial benefits this will bring and what risks you will face.
      Therefore, this market needs to be studied
      Investing in cryptocurrency is a good way to generate revenue if your savings are not very significant.
      Even if the rate drops dramatically, you will not lose much, but with its increase, the profit will be very appreciable.
      Therefore, I invest in new projects, such as Boosteroid. He is promising

      • Lewis

        That’s it, those who do not have time to understand the project, just start to spit out the negative and say that everything ICO is a complete deception and the whole life is full of horror.

        This behavior of people is caused by their standard of living and knowledge.
        I understand, maybe someone had a negative experience or something else.
        But if this continues, then you can generally forget about progress and live in a hole constantly something of fear.

        I also bought tokens and now I look forward to further development)

  • Cody Bishop

    oh, c’mon!
    Well, buy these tokens, and then what?
    Why such confidence that they will grow?

    something I really doubt about it

    • martin

      If you buy tokens, then you will be able to:
      1. Get profit from the sale at a higher price. The cost of one BTR token is $ 0.48, and I think it will grow because Boosteroid has released the number of tokens issued. Many projects produce an unlimited number of tokens intended for all customers. However, unrestricted emissions lead to inflation. All unsold and undistributed tokens will become invalid when the ICO is completed. Tokens taken as payment for services expire.
      2. Pay for renting the computer at the lowest price.
      Due to the minimal energy costs, investors will be able to use the computing resources at the lowest price.
      It’s not bad

    • Max Bargeman

      I agree with you. How can you trust the project if you do not know much about it?

    • Bruce

      I noticed that most people are very inert and conservative. Everything is treated with new suspicion.

      For example, the topic of electric transport leads them into perplexity and causes mockery. They say let them make these “machines,” and we’ll see what will come of this bad idea. And at this time in Norway, already two thirds of citizens ride on electric cars.

      This I lead to the fact that instead of enjoying the fruits of progress, we hawe them and expect that our pessimistic forecasts will come true.

      With the crypto currency, so far the same thing is happening.

      In Europe and America, people have long enjoyed the benefits of using virtual money, and we, as always, wait for this idea to fail.

      This logic of people does not allow them to earn.
      They can only look at investors, and envy that they did not dare to invest their money in successful projects, which are now quite a lot!
      Justifying yourself that it is risky.
      All life is a risk, guys!

      And if you sit and do nothing, you can get bogged down in this swamp!

  • Lora Dorson

    Good luck, guys. I read your White paper and I think it’ll be a successful thing. The idea of the Boosteroid Project is so interesting primarily because this service is very relevant today. To solve most of the business problems. If there is an opportunity to use it, quickly in the cloud, that will accelerate the launch of new projects and initiatives. So the project that provides computing power at favorable prices is very attractive for businesses

    • Gabriel

      I agree with you!
      The possibilities are really big, I already bought tokens and now it remains to wait for this time and not be tempted to sell the tokens before) As it usually happens to me.
      I start selling as soon as I see the growth of the currency, and then I regret that I hurried when the currency grew many times over

  • Kevin

    ICO is generally one of the popular investment sectors at the moment.
    And I don’t understand people who actively invest their money in all projects in a row. Before investing the boosteroid, I spent several days to fully study the project.

    I was very interested in the opportunities and prospects of the project and I very much hope that the currency will grow and it can be profitable to sell. Well and certainly it would be desirable to try out independently your service in practice)

  • Ian

    Computing power rental price is a real problem!
    The fact that now this service can be used at a normal and favorable price is your step forward and a big challenge to competitors.

    Not bad, gues!

    It’s a pity that I don’t do artificial intelligence projects))
    I would also like free 10% of our capacities!

    • martin

      This service will realize the eternal problem of insufficient capacity of my PC. Games come out new and each time is more powerful, it is difficult to find a device for them

  • Alex Farrell

    Do you think this theme is now really popular?
    Who will buy them, even for 1 BTR?
    Perhaps this is necessary for some big companies, for which the price is generally unimportant, but for ordinary users it is not necessary
    It’s my opinion!

    • Wendy Taylor

      That’s it, it’s just your opinion.
      If you judge only by yourself, you will not achieve much in life)
      At least I think so

      This topic is very popular now and every day it is gaining popularity more and more. These capacities are just necessary for ordinary users. Gamers, miners, people who need to quickly perform some time-consuming work on their regular computers and so on.

      If you don’t need such power, you can just make money by reselling the tokens. Moreover, there is a demand for them and you will necessarily earn on it.

      • Alex Farrell

        Well, maybe somewhere you’re right
        I would be interested in earning on reselling tokens. But what is the probability that the price of tokens will grow?

        • Wendy Taylor

          You know that the demand for rent of cloud computing is growing, and their price is much lower than that of their competitors, the number of tokens is limited!
          All this affects the growth of the currency.

          And in general, there are many factors for growth and earnings when investing, you should delve into the subject of ICO and earnings on it.

  • Ross

    The guys are starting the demo version very soon.
    I’m really looking forward to this, to protest the project

  • Brandon Hailey

    As an investor, I am very attracted by the fact that when investing my money in this project, I can don’t worry about my investments.

    The presence of investors who will support their project and the fact that they are already building computing power and will expand them regardless of the results of ICO is a huge plus! At least for me)
    Given the large number of users and a limited number of issued tokens, the BTR exchange rate will increase and you will be able to get the maximum profit.

    • Luke

      That’s it, many people are afraid to invest their money in projects, because they are simply afraid of losing them in the end. Therefore it is very important to know that your investments will not disappear anywhere and when you invest, you will be able not only to help the project in development but also to earn it yourself!

      I am very pleased that investing in the Busteroid I do not worry about my money at all and I can be sure that my money will necessarily pay off and eventually I will be able to earn)

      • Caleb Adderiy

        Whence such confidence, that those money which you invested in this project will pay off? And if ICO will not succeed, then what?!
        You just can lose your money)

        • Brandon Hailey

          Will pay off, then that the project already has its own investors, thanks to which the project will evolve regardless of the results of ICO, so I don’t make sense) And I advise you to get to know the project first and find out all its nuances, and then write such comments

          • Caleb Adderiy

            Why do they then need ICO, if they already have some super investors?

          • Brandon Hailey

            To quickly launch this project, their investors don’t have an infinite supply of money, and in general give people the opportunity to contribute to the development of the project!)